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@KelsonV a good stew has to cook for a long time but that's just extreme!

An interesting article on the floating farms of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City).

How to Feed a Megacity Like the Aztecs

Here's a weird one:

"Ship's captains and outside monitoring firms have reported waves of GPS jamming around Shanghai's ports, on a scale and of a severity never seen before"

"The most likely culprit in the mystery is sand smugglers, who are part of a global network of sand-thieves who have literally cratered whole cities and islands in their drive to obtain sand for concrete. "

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"Dad, there's a monster under my bed!"
"Oh? What does it want?"
"Wait, I'll ask..."
"It's afraid of the Roomba."
"Yeah. I'll build a Lego wall for it to hide behind."
"But dad!"
"Tomorrow. I'll turn the Roomba off for tonight."
"It says thanks!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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OK,this is cool

400-year-old warships in Swedish channel may be sisters of doomed Vasa

The pair of warships were sunk to block enemy naval access to Stockholm.

Just realized I hit my two-year Mastodon anniversary last week!

(I've really been on here two years?)

Me 10 minutes ago: I have an umbrella! I can totally handle walking to lunch in the rain!

I hadn't considered the utter shortfall of drainage along this street. I narrowly missed getting completely drenched with muddy gutter water by a full sized truck at this spot.

And the rain starts again just as I'm about to go get lunch.

Perfect timing.

Should've brought it today.

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I decided to make this shot of two #geese in a local city park, one shouting while the other tries to tune it out, my new Twitter profile banner. It seemed appropriate.

#birds #goose #nature
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xkcd 150: Grownups

"Because we're grown-ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means."

This strip actually means quite a lot to me. Adulthood always seemed like this terrifying, impossible thing, but actually, it's really just what you make of it. Thinking about this is what started me down the path of existentialism and eventually nihilism. Recognising that there's no real meaning to anything isn't bleak, it's empowering.

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(look at 'man cat' and discovers the existence of 'tac' command which concatenates files in reverse)

oh god it's worse than i thought

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I'm honestly surprised that the GNU version of 'cat' was not named 'dog' or 'tac' or 'ocelot' or something.

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also, fucking mock people who still say "alpha male" and "beta male" with complete seriousness

because that was research done in the 70s and the researcher has since retracted his theories completely, straight-up begging people to not pay attention to it, because he was studying wolves in captivity. their 'natural order' looks way WAY different.

even if you assume wolf society = human society (...? or owo i should say), it's a bullshit model of wolf society lmao

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in honor of international men's day, let me take a moment to point out that... dear men... if you listen closely to the misogynists and red pillers, they're all going to tell you that they're justified because every man acts exactly as they do.

the feminists are the ones who believe you are human beings with human reason who can take responsibility for your actions.

for many people, accountability feels like the loss of freedom. in a way, it is: it's the loss of freedom to be awful to people.

When wild jackrabbits roamed the fields of LAX.

Apparently they were eventually wiped out by foxes, who have since disappeared as well. (Also, most - but not all - of the area has been paved.)

It reminds me of all the rabbits we used to see near UCI in the 90s, especially out in the housing complexes on the edge. A lot of that open space has been filled in since then. I wonder if they still have much in the way of rabbits.

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if your Linux "cat" command gets stuck and you need to cancel it, you must run "killall -9 cat" because the process has 9 lives

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