Kid is too tired to go to bed, but not too tired to send .gifs about how tired he is 🙄

@botsonthego If you're trying to post using the single-step process to link to a YouTube video, something like this in the post body should work:

status=<<<{{Title}}>>> <<<{{Description}}>>> <<<{{Url}}>>>

I haven't gone back since they opened up the multi-step process to try anything with media uploads.

But I also haven't had to change anything since the last time I updated the article.

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@Taweret one goat always tells the truth, one always lies, and one eats your shirt

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there are three doors inside you, behind each of them is a goat

@hafnia @itchystitchies Makes sense. We had some power glitches last week, maybe it surged during one of those

First LED bulb to burn out. It wasn't completely off like an incandescent or flickering like a fluorescent bulb, but it was just very dim. The crack is weird.

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Checkers is a platform game because you can jump.

I am not accepting any further questions at this time.

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I should add one of my own...

One time I was just walking home from the city, when there was a sudden huge rainstorm. I had an umbrella, so I managed to stay mostly dry. Then I saw a girl, standing at a crossing waiting for the lights to change. She was absolutely soaked and looked really miserable. So I gave her my umbrella. I was wearing a coat with a hood, so I was ok without it.

I'm fairly sure I've never once seen her again, but I hope she's having a good day, wherever she is now.

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Tell me about a good deed you've done for someone, or a good deed someone else did for you.

Anyone know any good typing tutor software for kids around 10? My first pass through looking for reviews has been less than helpful

Kid's playing Minecraft with a friend who is new to the game

Friend: Why are you punching the RABBIT? Is it evil?
Kid: Oh, um, that's a different kind of rabbit.

The point where they met up with some Saracens in Beijing and asked them if they'd heard of "Cathay", and they said, "We're in Cathay right now" basically clinched it, though it took a while for them to convince everyone back in Europe.

Portuguese Jesuits in India sent someone overland to Cathay to check, and along the way he met a returning caravan who told him about the Jesuits they'd met in Beijing a while back.

Related: Westerners who reached China overland by way of the silk road picked up the name Cathay from central Asia, and westerners who reached China by sea picked up the name China from southeast Asia, and they didn't realize both names referred to the same country until the late 1500s, when a group of Jesuits living in China started comparing Marco Polo's account to their own travels and couldn't find anyone in China who had heard of this "Cathay" place to the north.

Wiki-walking, found this article collecting "Early World Maps" from antiquity through around 1800. I've always found it interesting to look at maps where they got the coastlines right, because they needed to be for sailing, but the proportions are all wrong. And it's fascinating to compare the older Chinese maps that sort-of include Europe to the older European maps that sort-of include China, based on what little was known of each other at the time.

Me: Want some breakfast?
Kid: ...
Me: (makes coffee, waits for it to brew, puts some food together, sits down, takes one bite and starts to read)
Kid: Can you get me some breakfast?

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Online school, week 1: OMG need to get showers and be presentable before the kid's class starts just in case we show up in the background for two seconds!

Online school, week 527: Fuck it, I'm not doing anything until the coffee's kicked in.

has this been done? 

Oh, um, spoilers for a 150-year-old book, sorry about that.

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