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“Study/experiment confirms what we’ve been saying, so let’s shit on the people who did the study” is one of my least favorite recurring takes

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Self Hosting Survey - What would you like to self-host? Show more

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Grumbling, partial Dark Mode Show more

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Hey, #Plume now has a dedicated website:!

It is far from perfect, but at least it exists, and can help people discovering the project. If you have any idea to improve it, feel free to tell me, or to report it on Github:

The documentation has also moved to

And I also adapted @funkwhale's contribution page to Plume to make it easier to contribute for newcomers:

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Probably one of the last places you expect to find goats are in a tree. Here's Atlas Obscura on the Tree Goats of Morocco.

#Nature #Goats #Morocco #AtlasObscura

[ ]

P.S. @fitheach takes some of the blame for this post. :-)

@jdormit I'm torn also.

The client-server approach does have the advantage of being able to host multiple ActivityPub-enabled blogs on the same domain, which I can see being useful.

I do wonder about the ease of installation. For root-level blogs, just installing a plugin is dead simple. For blogs in folders, installing a rewrite rule vs. installing another server...? Which is easier will depend on each person & their hosting plans.

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BookToot.Club is where you talk about #books you are #reading! (you do not have to be a member of course). I've authored ~1/3rd of the statuses here. 😏 (Take me down a peg! =p) There was a now-dormant account that live-tooted kindle porn (under CW). (Follow @julia for that now)

You can talk about fanfic, you can talk about comics, you can talk about Riverdale and Sabrina, you can talk about Podcasts. There's probably more I haven't thought of.


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After playing through a few hours of The Bard's Tale IV, my strongest impression is that this is the game Might & Magic IX was trying to be.

It's got lots of references to the original trilogy, but it feels like a cross between the 2000s reboot and MM9: the look, the size of the towns, skill trees... Only unlike MM9, it feels like the world has been filled in more thoroughly.

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@FiXato Very interesting - and useful to know!

@FiXato I should try Flickr just to see. I have so many photos I can totally believe it would take days, though!

I did a test export of a bunch of social networks about a year ago, before Tumblr had an exporter, and I remember most of the ones I tried took something in the range of hours or overnight.

And yeah, I ran into issues with Google because different elements are in different Google services...

The first of 3 Tumblr archives I requested at the beginning of the week, this one of only about 80 posts, is finally ready today, after *five days*.

I guess they're busy...

Anyone familiar with what Facebook Pages considers to be a "business?" Show more

Anyone familiar with what Facebook Pages considers to be a "business?" Show more

Anyone familiar with what Facebook Pages considers to be a "business?" Show more

I started exports of my blogs on either Monday night or Tuesday night. They still say “Backup processing” on Friday.

Meanwhile, I imported an entire 1500-post Tumblr to a self-hosted WordPress blog so that I can look for anything unique that I want to preserve in the event that Verizon gives up trying to monetize what’s left of the less than an hour.

@FiXato The weird thing is, he usually isn't. I think maybe he'd gotten used to waiting for the specific thing, so it didn't bother him so much. 🤷‍♂️

But yeah, the first time your kid gets sick can be nerve-wracking.