Food, weird marketing 

Healthy savings on Liquid Death


Found these two together at a Pokemon Go gym. Seemed appropriate.


Yeah, I could use one too, but it turns out they don't have any at this time of day.

vs. the atomic banana peel.

Apparently from Justice League of America #154, May 1978. Sometimes it's easy to forget that bronze-age could be as goofy as the silver-age ones.

Covid vaccine 

Got the second shot! Here we go, immune system, you've got this!

When I write something new on my gemlog or import an older blog entry, sometimes I'll also import related posts so I can link within the capsule instead of out to the web.

I was importing a post on how functional memorabilia is both irreplaceable and easily replaceable depending on how you look at it, and it mentioned my mug - which I still have.


Offer of random Star Trek books 

Also the Star Trek Chronology (through First Contact) by Michael Okuda & Denise Okuda.

If you're interested in any of these, message me and let me know.

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Offer of random Star Trek books 

Anyone interested in some hardcovers? Figured I'd offer 'em to the Fediverse before checking the local used bookstores' covid policies. Happy to give them away for the cost of shipping.

Spock's World, Diane Duane
All Good Things..., Michael Jan Friedman.
Generations, J.M. Dillard
First Contact, "
Federation, Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Return, William Shatner
The Ashes of Eden, "
Q-Squared, Peter David
New Frontier, "

Heh. "Why Does Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall Volcano Look Like a School Science Project?" And why the type of lava and type of eruption make it (comparatively) safe for people to see it up close.

Free brick!

Spotted a few years ago, stumbled across the photo again today.

I really need to get the rest of the photos off my old phone so I can wipe it.

school, parenting, covid-adjacent, violence reference 

I'm not big on zombies, but I really like Mira Grant's (Seanan Maguire's) Newsflesh series. That said, there's one story I don't ever want to read again. The one set in a post-Rising elementary school, showing all the anti-zombie precautions the school takes...and then how they all fail horribly in an extended metaphor for school mass shootings.

This picture of individual barriers around each student's desk...

dentist, covid stats 

I'm normally not nervous about going to the dentist, but I've got my second pandemic-era visit coming up today. You can't wear a mask while someone's working on your teeth.

On the plus side, looking at the covid case rates over time makes me feel better, as LA county is back down to roughly the same rate it was at during my last visit in September (itself postponed from July, which was clearly a good decision).


Thank you, Google Photos, for reminding me of the Last Normal Day(tm). That evening I came down with the flu and by the time I recovered, everything was shutting down for Covid.

I got an email about a class action settlement over alleged price fixing of CD/DVD drives in the early 2000s. Went to the website for more info, and found... this. 😲

Nice small collection of unusual photos of Martian landscapes from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at Daily Overview. I don't know what the blue triangle thing is.

The description doesn't say, but I'm guessing most of them are false-color or exaggerated.

(Images originally from NASA)

Saw this sign today outside a Lounge works, I guess.

Sort of "I like less than half of you more than you deserve, and more than half of you.." wait, I got that wrong, didn't I?

I do miss having a keyboard, but I don't think I should hook up an Android 2.3 device to the internet 😬

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First LED bulb to burn out. It wasn't completely off like an incandescent or flickering like a fluorescent bulb, but it was just very dim. The crack is weird.

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