Apparently Mojang hired Anakin Skywalker to write the captions for block descriptions in Earth.

I always think these markings look like TIE Fighters.

wildfire smoke, amazing photo 

Fortunately, Spark is considerate enough to wear a face mask per pandemic recommendations.

Wait, isn't that backwards?

Actually this whole Spanish lesson has the kind of absurdity I'm used to seeing in the German lessons, with dogs watching movies, birds cleaning the farm, and even a horse cleaning the bathroom.

Oh, this looks cool: A steampunk Metroidvania-style game based on : Adventures in Castle Heterodyne, now raising funds on Kickstarter

Fascinating to look at yesterday's California power demand vs. forecast graph & how effective the 3pm Flex Alert was at getting people to reduce power usage during peak hours. (That forecast demand peak was very close to the forecast supply peak.)

Discovered that the 404 page on features stories about Amelia Earhart, the Watergate tapes, Jimmy Hoffa, "your luggage," Atlantis, and Waldo. 😂

HOW? This is running on the same computer. No hardware changes. It's a modern Mac, I *can't* make any hardware changes. I don't think I've even *rebooted* the machine since I last ran this VM.

covid-adjacent, pokemon, silly 

I don't have a clever caption for this one, but thought it was cool that I caught the Croagunk *right there* while trying to decide what to do with the frog statue.

Incidentally, the frog statue is a Pokestop. And so is the historical cabin in the Sneasel picture.

Turtwig has found a new friend.

(I had such a hard time trying to get it to face the right direction, which is why it's still a little bit off. At least I didn't need to worry about the real turtle wandering away while I set up the shot.)

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