This granola bar looks disturbingly like a small piece of thin chipboard.

At least it tastes better.

Oh no! Watch out for those partial clouds!

(Seriously, though, there is a hazardous wind advisory in the general area, just not much wind right here.)

Also, I'm looking for more friends. If anyone's interested, my code is 2658 1380 0806

After a long week of training, Pikachu is ready to relax.

(Reposted to move the image preview so you can actually see the sign)

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My 1000th observation posted to !

Normally I have to take photos of doves with a zoom lens, but this one was just calmly sitting in a tree, making its "Ooh-Ooh" call. It didn't even fly off when I walked around the tree to get a better angle with my phone.

Most likely a Eurasian Collared Dove, one of several types I've seen around the Los Angeles area.

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Apparently their neighbors reported them for renting it out as Airbnb or similar (which the city doesn't allow). Then they painted the house bright pink with giant 😜 and 🤐 emoji on it. Now the neighbors are complaining about the mural, but the city says it's on private property 🤷‍♂️

Honestly I'm surprised - it sounds like the kind of area that would mandate specific shades of beige paint.

(LA Times, paywall)

Another oddity found in my 2008 phone photos. My wife took one look at it and said, "What were they trying to summon, the nineties?"

Found among my phone photos from 2008. I'm not entirely sure what they meant. I mean, even assuming there's a missing "from," there's no indication of what it's referring to.


Arm water?

Another oddity from my old phone. I have no memory of where this was, but I was there in May 2013.

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