I don't think they really need the key to all those different types of melons right now.

Very cool! A view of the far side of the moon and Earth beyond it, from the Chinese Longjiang-2 satellite in lunar orbit.


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This is the most snow ever sees!

Seriously, it hasn't snowed in the Los Angeles basin since 1962.

We get snow in the mountains most years. And the San Fernando Valley apparently got a snowstorm in 1989. But the coast? Basically never.

Two years ago today, I tried to beat the stress by driving around the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and found myself at Point Vicente. I posted this video the following Tuesday morning, captioned, "Because we can all use 18 seconds of calm today."

It seems like a good time to post it again.

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While looking up importers that I could use to move various third-party archives into a self-hosted WordPress site, I found one that supports a bunch of services...


...including Delicious.

Hey, I used to have a ton of stuff on Del.icio.us! I don't know what percent of the links still *work*, but I should at least export it.

Yeah, I'm guessing that's not gonna happen:

I went back to the same restaurant last night. 2.5 months later* the door still isn't fixed, and the sign has another handwritten addition!

*I took the original photo in early August & kept forgetting to post it until earlier this month.

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An actual notification I received a few minutes ago. I had been planning to check in sometime this weekend, but now I wonder if I should just declare Facebook notification bankruptcy instead...

Every time I go back to this restaurant I remember that I still haven't posted this photo, and by the time I have a chance to post it, I've forgotten again.

Well, I finally remembered!

The really funny thing is that I momentarily reached for this door handle after taking the photo...

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