Found this on a restroom changing table. That' really coordinated baby.

Found this great combination in Santa Barbara last week. Unfortunately, didn't have time to stop there.

Me 10 minutes ago: I have an umbrella! I can totally handle walking to lunch in the rain!

I hadn't considered the utter shortfall of drainage along this street. I narrowly missed getting completely drenched with muddy gutter water by a full sized truck at this spot.

Alc mention, bears, probably not what you think. 

Ok, I've got to appreciate this network error from . Especially the button text.

This granola bar looks disturbingly like a small piece of thin chipboard.

At least it tastes better.

Oh no! Watch out for those partial clouds!

(Seriously, though, there is a hazardous wind advisory in the general area, just not much wind right here.)

Also, I'm looking for more friends. If anyone's interested, my code is 2658 1380 0806

After a long week of training, Pikachu is ready to relax.

(Reposted to move the image preview so you can actually see the sign)

uspol (+-ish) 

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