covid / funny (XKCD) 

This is a weird combination of trending searches on Target today.

covid19/japanese art 

TBH I wasn't expecting to find isopropyl alcohol in stock, but the "related" results are...questionable.

Figured I'd post a note on my Pokemon Go status the only way I can: with the buddy system.

So, my wife got inspired playing on her way back from voting the other day

Stumbled on this picture I took of a drawing found in a children's hospital a few years back when the kiddo was there for a few days. They had had posted a bunch of crayon- and marker drawings by patients (and probably siblings) reminding you to WASH YOUR HANDS. This one, with the "EEK! GERMS!" caption and all the dots, was my favorite.

I've heard of burner phones, but burner trucks...?

(seen on the way to work one morning a few weeks ago)

Um... Not sure this weather is really ideal for a picnic, but ok...

I regret to report that as of last summer, there is just NO PHO KING WAY. 

It came from the 90s!

Not just the design...but they're off-brand *pogs*.

Spotted at Target yesterday.

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