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Apparently their neighbors reported them for renting it out as Airbnb or similar (which the city doesn't allow). Then they painted the house bright pink with giant 😜 and 🤐 emoji on it. Now the neighbors are complaining about the mural, but the city says it's on private property 🤷‍♂️

Honestly I'm surprised - it sounds like the kind of area that would mandate specific shades of beige paint.

(LA Times, paywall)

Another oddity found in my 2008 phone photos. My wife took one look at it and said, "What were they trying to summon, the nineties?"

Found among my phone photos from 2008. I'm not entirely sure what they meant. I mean, even assuming there's a missing "from," there's no indication of what it's referring to.


Arm water?

Another oddity from my old phone. I have no memory of where this was, but I was there in May 2013.

What the fork?

So...did they have trouble with that one guy from Mystery Men or something?

Was explaining the basics of lossy compression to the 8YO & demonstrating how different JPEG compression levels impact an image. He decided to set it to 0 and then add his own commentary on top of it.

Transferring more old photos & found this screenshot of a news headline from September 2017 that combines sex, guns, cops, religion and drugs in the most bizarrely California way I can think of.

Finding animals I didn't know about in my old photos: This duck might be a wigeon, which is a type of bird I'd never heard of before, but appears to be relatively common.

Another one: A pickup truck painted like a Radio Flyer red wagon, spotted in 2011.

Then there's this...

(Though in retrospect, the stick figures look more like they're dancing than falling.)

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