Because these days buying single-use foo would be irresponsible.


This cricket hitched a ride inside on a jacket. I snapped a picture for (yes, really), then started to pick up the jacket to take it back outside. It jumped onto my other hand. But it stayed there while I walked to the door and opened it with my other hand...and it jumped off as I was stepping outside.

Food, weird branding 

I just noticed the brand name on the blueberries I picked up this week.

Who the hell signed off on the name "Silent Springs"?????!!!!!

Glanced at this while passing a store the other day and had to do a double take because the first time I misread it as ALIENS FOR EVERY CONDITION.

The pharmac on the tarmac has the pills for your ills.

I occasionally follow a blog called "Atomic Junk Shop" that covers comics, sci fi and related pop culture.

Never thought I'd stumble on an actual "Atomic Junk" shop.


Google wished me a happy second coronaversary this morning. Well, not in so many words. But I count March 8, 2020 as my last normal day, the day I went out to de-stress by taking pictures of the ocean, seagulls, and a zillion tiny clams, grabbed coffee at Peet's on the way home, and came down with the flu that afternoon. By the time I recovered a few days later, everything had shut down.

What the... Apparently this was a 1976 comic book to promote the then-new county bus system with campy knock-off superheroes.

Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.

Context: I was driving past a park that has a pond with a year-round population of ducks and geese and attracts other waterfowl. Usually near the pond.

This isn't. It's at the edge of the park. I pulled over because there was a whole...duckload of mallards just grazing their way down the street along the grass.

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I think I found that superb owl I keep hearing about.

It's always interesting when these two apps both send me notifications at the same time.

Saw this while out walking this morning. I guess holiday decorations can last as long as you want them to!

Don't feel so bad, Duo. None of the rest of us can either.

Nice comparison of turbulence in a Baltic Sea algae bloom and storm clouds on Jupiter showing the same structures

Reason #653823 to make sure your emails are readable without images loaded...

COVID/Pokemon Go 

Said I'd do this back in March 2020 if/when I caught COVID.

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