It's always interesting when these two apps both send me notifications at the same time.

Saw this while out walking this morning. I guess holiday decorations can last as long as you want them to!

Don't feel so bad, Duo. None of the rest of us can either.

Nice comparison of turbulence in a Baltic Sea algae bloom and storm clouds on Jupiter showing the same structures

Reason #653823 to make sure your emails are readable without images loaded...

COVID/Pokemon Go 

Said I'd do this back in March 2020 if/when I caught COVID.

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I confused the identification with some random snapshots from a trip up into the mountains a few years back.

Normally it's pretty good at narrowing things down to a family or genus. In this case, I was aiming for scenery and family snapshots at the time, so they weren't exactly ideal for plant IDs even cropped.

It's on the level of "A flock of sheep on a hill" for an empty landscape. I wanted to ask it how many giraffes were in the picture!

Not what they usually mean by LAN security, but certainly effective.

Went for a walk at a "wilderness" park. (It's more wilderness-themed than actual wilderness, though a local conservation group is slowly replacing the "let's put in stuff that looks wilderness-y!" plants with native habitat.)

Saw a ton of birds in one corner, but they were really good at hiding. And even when I managed to catch them on camera, most of my photos came out like this.

Auto-focus? More like oughta-focus.


Saw this while walking around the neighborhood the other day.

Please do not taunt it.

The plumbers are going to have a surprise when they come back today to check on the hole in the dining room floor.

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Plumbing snafu 

So, this is the dining room right now.

The best part?

There are no pipes under that part of the slab.

It turns out the leak was in the next unit over, but didn't show up there. (Yes, the plumbers checked there before arranging with the owner to start digging.) It ran under the wall and cabinets until it seeped up into our floor.

Now we get to have a big hole in our floor until it all dries out and they can patch it.

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So, this would be where Mystique and Odo exercise, right?

Anyone know what these electronics components are? They're in an Arduino kit, but they don't look familiar and we can't match them with anything on the list. The kid & I both think they're some sort of capacitor, but we can't decipher the markings.

Musical instrument acoustics 

Interesting: I went to look up exactly what a sound post does for a violin/cello/etc, and it's not so much transmitting vibrations between the top and bottom plates as it is providing a fulcrum so that the bridge can transmit the sideways vibrations of the strings (constrained by the bow pressing on them) to vertical vibrations in the body. Plucked instruments like guitars don't need that because the strings can vibrate in all directions

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Anyway, the "Everybody Dies: Shakespeare's Tragedies" poster.

Unfortunately it's hard to read at this size, so here's an article with an earlier draft that went viral (the artist shows up in the comments to plug the official poster):

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