time! I'm an LA-area programmer, / / fan & hobbyist photographer. I've been for a while, but I keep meaning to look for a more specific instance for fandom-related discussions. It looks like this might be it?

Watching , & , way behind on a bunch of other shows. Favorite comics ATM are & .

In the middle of re-reading all of , currently on the chapters introducing Marius.

It's weird how it hides the instance other accounts are on (my main one) and (my photography). Maybe I should've picked different usernames as well just for clarity?

@KelsonV welcome! I am also always behind on shows I want to watch, heh. We cut cable five years ago and don't miss it, but it means I'm always discovering streaming the next shiny thing that gets my attention vs catching up.

As a LA local and fantasy fan, have you checked out Mishell Baker's Arcadia Project series? I discovered it last year and love it / don't think it's gotten the hype it deserves, heh

@Einahpets Thanks! I'm not familiar with the series, but it looks interesting. I'm trying to power through Les Mis (to the extent that I have time to power through books these days -- though I do plan on breaking when Scalzi's Head On comes out next month), but maybe after I'm done with it I'll check them out.

@KelsonV Ah! I just finished Lock In yesterday and really enjoyed it despite the way Scalzi let think how cool this technology could be and then showed me how UTTERLY TERRIFYING it probably would actually be in practice because humans in power are terrible.

Did you see that Scalzi is at the LA Festival of Books next month? I am trying to convince my nerdy bookclub to make the trek up to the LA to see his talk. 😀

@Einahpets Yeah, it's an impressive exploration of the many consequences of the tech & how people would use it. Both the threeps and the Agora, which I find myself seeing as a counterpoint to the Oasis.

I'm going to have to get out to the Festival of Books one of these days - I keep meaning to, but haven't quite managed yet!

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