Quite liked the first episode of . Looking forward to seeing more.

Need to sleep first, though.

Which seems appropriate.

Re-read the first issue of the comic & got about halfway through 6
The second before stopping myself. Watching episode 2, i think they've actually improved on it in some ways. Some of the changes are more emotionally impactful.

Plus they have the advantage of knowing where they're going this time through.

The Corinthian has a line I won't spoil here that foreshadows Dream's overall arc for the full 75 issues.

Spoilers for Sandman (original comic series) 

Ultimately it's a story about Dream realizing he has to change, but can't, and how he resolves that problem.

But along the way we get a lot of really cool stories weaving through that.

Attention to detail: in episode 3 of Sandman (released 2022), Mad Hettie says she's 280 years old.

In episode 3 of the comic book (1989), she says she's 247 years old.

I'm still enjoying the TV series, on several levels: its own merits, seeing the story i remember brought to life, and thinking about adaptation choices. Like using a modern-day Johanna Constantine instead of John because his CW series is still recent, so it helps differentiate the two series, and adding scenes to establish what she does (and the recurring nightmare) in the episode because you can't expect the *entire* audience to be familiar with the character like 1989 DC horror readers were.

#Sandman adaptation spoilers 

At first it seemed weird bringing the Corinthian in so early, but knowing the season covers both Preludes and Nocturnes and A Doll's House, it helps connect the two stories.

Speaking of connecting story parts, one of the best things they've changed so far is giving Ethel more prominence and establishing a more solid through-line for the ruby and connecting John Dee to Roderick Burgess. It's there in the original, but it's a lot less solid.

#Sandman adaptation spoilers 

I mean, through episode 3 i actually feel sorry for John Dee. I know I won't by the time we get to 24 Hours. Which I almost don't want to watch. I've never been into gory horror as much as psychological horror.

I do wonder why Ethel didn't consider how traumatizing the effect of giving him the amulet would be. I mean, that's gotta mess you up.

Not that he wasn't messed up already.

#Sandman adaptation spoilers 

Holy crap, David Thewlis can be seriously creepy when he wants to be. Two people in a car was more tense than Dream literally walking into hell and engaging in a battle of wits with Lucifer.

Damn, 24/7 was just as disturbingly fucked up as it was supposed to be.

#Sandman adaptation spoilers 

John Dee in the TV series actually is a more interesting character than the wasted-away Dr. Destiny from the comics. He isn't just a one-note megalomaniac supervillain who wants to take over the world just because. He has reasons for what he's doing.

A horrible, fucked-up, one-track obsession of a reason, but a reason nonetheless.

#Sandman adaptation spoilers 

He's sort of a less deliberately malicious TV Killgrave. Or Gollum.

Death is perfectly cast.

And they found a simple, elegant way to work around the timeline mismatch with the Hob Gadling story that adds another layer to the resolution.

Finally caught up on !

I'm pretty sure that anyone who considers this TV adaptation to be "too woke" either wouldn't have liked the original comics to begin with, or is hung up on characters being played by Black actors, which makes you wonder why they'd choose that hill to die on...

I mean, Death is perfect. Rose is perfect. Unity's great. Hector is frankly a better version of the character anyway. Lucienne looks the most different, but her performance is spot-on as Lucien.

The rest of the socio-political aspects, though? The LGBTQ characters? The writer who claims to be feminist while assaulting a woman he keeps locked up in his house? The Corinthian inspiring a century of the worst of humanity and tying it to the dark side of the American Dream?

It's all there in the source material. It just would've been harder to put it on TV back in 1989.


I've expanded these into a full review of season one on my website:


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