Phishers: Hi, we're your bank, please click on this attachment for important information.

Security experts: Never click on an unexpected attachment in an email even if you think you know who it's from, it's likely to be malware or a scam to steal your login credentials.

Actual banks: Hi, we're your bank, please click on this attachment for important information. 🤦‍♂️

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Seriously, I HATE these systems. The way they keep phishing and malware techniques believable is worse than any supposed security advantage in not just using the email (half the time the info isn't any more sensitive than a receipt would be), or even just "There's a new message in your account, please log in to see it and use your own bookmarks to get there."

@KelsonV the Jedi never fell prey to phishing scams because for them, attachments are forbidden

@KelsonV well, except for "ATTN URGENT Kamino: your order is ready for shipping!"

@brion 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

@KelsonV actual banks: you have one IMPORTANT NEW MESSAGE: [it’s an ad]

@KelsonV I get this all the time in texts! The ones from phishers and the actual ones from banks and doctors and insurance etc are nearly identical

And not because the phishers are doing a lot to make their scams look legit...

@RadiantEmber Yeah, it would be nice if the *real* institutions would raise the bar a bit!

@KelsonV @AgathaSorceress Yeah I hate when you spend a bunch of time verifying something suspicious and it ends up being legit because their security system is shit

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