OK, Plex seems to be working on the , I can stream a song to my phone and it's scanning the massive local music folder.

But this whole having to log into a cloud account in order to use my local media server with my own purchased (or free) media thing is kind of skeevy.

Thinking once I've experimented a bit more I'll try Jellyfin & compare them

Also, setting up Plex on a headless box is a pain, because you can only configure the server on a connection *on localhost*, and you can bet it doesn't work with Lynx. Official solution is to set up an SSH tunnel from whatever device you're actually running your browser on.


So, : Easier to install than Plex, works just as well so far, and doesn't require me to sign into a remote service to connect to my own server sitting on my desk in the living room, or try to push me into purchasing a subscription to share my household's music collection with everyone in the household. I think that choice is clear.

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