Review of Star Trek: Discovery - Season Two ★★★☆☆

The stand-alone episodes are good, and the Burnham/Spock family dynamics, but the main arc gets really frustrating in the second half.

huh, I never realised Paul Stamets was named after a real mycelist.

Are the Short Trek episodes next? I would highly recommend watching them before S3.

@FiXato Me neither. I did a quick search to verify how to spell mycelial, and there was an ad for some set of mushroom based health supplements with his name on it. I kept looking and found his Wikipedia bio.

We're taking a bit of a break until the kid decides either that he's ready to watch more or doesn't mind missing episodes while my wife and I watch, but yeah, Short Treks is up next!

could mix it up with some ST: Prodigy perhaps? Might be a bit more aimed at the kiddo anyway. :)

it might be a kid's show, but it's certainly entertaining for us folx too :)
Especially if you have seen other Trek, especially Voyager :)

Got some gorgeous computer generated graphics, especially scenery, in it too.

@FiXato Voyager's probably the Trek I know the least (or maybe Enterprise?), but I've seen a most of the pre-2000 shows

Wow, that hiatus really was a long one, now that I think about it.

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