One of the things I like about Mastodon vs commercial social networks is that it doesn't TRY TO GET MY ATTENTION every time I open the page or app and offer ALL THESE THINGS I SHOULD BE LOOKING AT that might be relevant to what it thinks my interests are, to make sure I stay online and don't stay away again for sooooo long! (Even if it's only been a few days.)


Seriously, I opened Instagram for the first time in a month or so and I was bombarded with more ads and recommendations than photos from people I was actually following.

I opened an alt profile in Twitter yesterday to post something off the cuff, and all the trending topics, pushing new features, etc were like walking onto the Las Vegas Strip when all you want is a sandwich.

Never mind the normal "you haven't logged onto Twitter in a few hours, here's all the stuff you missed, and look, people are posting new stuff while you're catching up, you'd better keep scrolling!" Compared to Mastodon just showing you the latest that you're actually following. And if you want to fill in what you missed, that's *up to you*

And while I'm griping about Instagram, why the heck are the detailed notification preferences split between the app and the system notification UI?

That's terrible design.

Well, if it's intended for usability, anyway.

If your goal is to make people see more notifications, though... 🙄

IMO there are two sensible ways to handle granular push preferences:

1. Use the system's per-app settings for all of it. (Tusky does this, even putting your per-account preferences in the system UI)
2. Use the app's settings for all of it, and let the system just be an on/off toggle for what you've chosen in the app (like it was before the system had UI for it)

Picking up on this again briefly:

None of these complaints is inherent to the structure or functionality of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. They're deliberate UI design choices to optimize for the company's targets. A third party client could bypass it all (which of course is why they don't allow those).

Similarly, Mastodon and Pixelfed and so on *could* implement UI like this, but they don't. The project goals aren't engagement at all costs. And each instance can have its own goals.

Someone could add an ATTENTION-GRABBING EXPERIENCE on top of the Mastodon or Pixelfed code.

And those of us connecting with different software wouldn't be affected.

Or they could write an app that adds it! Though I'm not sure many people would consider that an improved experience.

Then again, people do use Yahoo mail. 🤷‍♂️

@KelsonV I remember when Facebook called the red notification numbers "the jewels" and treated them as sacred and not to be messed with. Now that their engagement is crashing, they've started to put everything there: random posts from people they think (incorrectly) are my friends, nagging to wish people happy bday, every new post from every group. And of course you can't view messages without installing their stupid app. They're circling the drain it seems

@dantheclamman Yeah, didn't it used to be just messages, likes & comments? And everything else was just in the feed?

@KelsonV yes. For a time they had a Farmville spam issue, but they got that figured out, and now the issue is their own spam

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