This looks cool: has released an add-on for that can do web page *locally* instead of sending data to the cloud.

Based on Project Bergamot and implemented in WebAssembly

@brion Yeah - it's one of those things like speech recognition that ideally should have always have been local, but the processing and data just wasn't there yet

@KelsonV @brion Can't wait for a time when phone manufacturers' marketing will go "a power personal computer in your own pocket: no more need for some company machine depending on voluble clouds" and install default apps accordingly.

@KelsonV What? The add-on already exists? Awesome!

It'd be really great though if I could highlight snippets and translate, rather than rely on the add-on to "know" whether or not to present itself to me and try to translate the whole dang page.


@aspensmonster @KelsonV There's a button in the bar to activate it .. but yeah, "translate this text I have right now" would be a nice addition.

So far, it has been working well for me!
#firefox #translate

@KelsonV I've tried it, but had to uninstall as the toolbar is too wide for my laptop.

This is the reported issue [ ]

@KelsonV yes, please stop sending me words. there are too many

I installed it, but found what I really need isn't to translate a page but an individual article or comment in my social stream. So I'm still looking.
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