And still no reply from tech support on the cloud server that lost its network connection to the outside world today (but that I can still SSH into from other servers in their datacenter)

Beginning to wonder if I should (a) move my Nextcloud laterally to another server and drop the old one,
(b) look for a different cloud provider (their managed VPS hosting is SOLID, but this has been flaky),
(c) plug storage into my Pi, host Nextcloud locally & open up outside access for when I'm out.

(a) would be simplest, but I'll just have to deal with this again. (b) would involve researching other providers. (c) would mean figuring out what kind of storage I want to use & figuring out how best to mitigate the risk of allowing external access to a machine on the home network. I mean, yeah, I'm mostly at home these days anyway, but I'm kind of hoping that will change soon!

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Host fixed their routing so my Nextcloud instance is reachable again and I don't need to move it immediately. But this isn't the first time this has happened, and I'm really starting to think hosting it at home is the way to go. Eventually.

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