fan conventions, covid-adjacent 

WonderCon's website still shows dates for March, but I don't think there's any chance of holding a convention in Anaheim that soon, and I wouldn't go even if they did.

They also haven't been selling tickets. I'd guess they'll announce soon that it's been cancelled again.

I doubt July will be feasible for San Diego, either. And SDCC feels unsafely crowded in *normal* years. Even in the best-case scenario, my anxiety would go through the roof.

fan conventions, covid-adjacent 

Fall, maaaaybe. Depending on how well the vaccines ramp up and how bad the variants get.

Long Beach was scheduled for September, but their website's not responding. I'm a bit worried that as a smaller con, they just aren't able to keep the business side of things intact for two years without events.

So it's looking like another year without going to any cons. Maybe just as well - I'm sure I'll have to ramp up my sense of what size crowd feels ok anyway.

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fan conventions, covid-adjacent 

And there's the official WonderCon@Home announcement

Sounds like they're still hoping to do San Diego in-person. We'll see. Well, other people will. I've already read the Last Stand of the California Browncoats.

And Long Beach Comic Con's website's back online, which is a good sign. I guess it was just bad timing as far as when I happened to look.

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