Found the ancient G2 (HTC Desire) phone (back when there were Android phones with actual KEYBOARDS!). It still runs. Wondering if there's something I can put on there that's newer than the ancient version of Android it has, but it's too old for LineageOS.

Anyone know what might run on it?


I do miss having a keyboard, but I don't think I should hook up an Android 2.3 device to the internet 😬

@KelsonV Have you checked compatibility with PostmarketOS? That seems to be the mobile OS with the most extensive compatibility, as far as I've been able to tell.

@evilroda Oh, that looks cool! And apparently it does still run on it! Thanks!

@evilroda Hmm, looks like actual support for that phone is still really minimal. But I'm definitely going to keep an eye on the project!

@KelsonV Yeah, I knew it was still going to be a long shot. I have an older phone I wanted to try something on, and basically nothing is compatible with it. It's not even something weird, it's a Samsung Galaxy J3. PostmarketOS has partial compatibility for it... except it's only partially compatible with a slightly different model. -_-

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