Les Mis, history, slavery 

Years ago I saw a mention of Les Misérables being popular with Confederate soldiers, who were nicknamed "Lee's Miserables."

Even though the book is about why you shouldn't treat people horribly even if they're on the lower rungs of society.

Even stranger, the rare times America is mentioned, it's to condemn slavery.

It turns out there was an 1863 edition published in Richmond that "fixed" the "Yankee" translation from the year before.


Les Mis, history, slavery 

@KelsonV whaaaaaaaaaaaat

Les Mis, history, slavery 

@brion Yeah. They claimed they were trying to fix up some of the idioms, but decided while they were at it to remove all the abolitionist references, insisting that the anti-slavery remarks were somehow off-topic for a book about *European* oppression.

Les Mis, history, slavery 

@KelsonV oh those wacky confederates :P

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