Star Trek IV, imagining the whales' conversation with the probe 

-- Hey! We're still here! Or, we're back, anyway!
-- Oh, good! What happened to you? We've been trying to reach you for ages.
-- Apparently the humans killed us all.
-- Wait, they did WHAT?
-- Well, some of them did. But some of them brought us through time to make up for it. They won't kill us now.
-- They'd BETTER NOT!
-- I think we're OK now.
-- *sigh* OK, good to know. We'll go report back. Keep in touch.
-- Thanks!


Star Trek IV, imagining the whales' reaction at the end 

Wow! We're in the open sea! And we talked to aliens! And the humans have stopped hunting us! And they've stopped polluting the oceans! This is AWESOME!

Well, except for the whole thing with us being the only humpback whales on the planet. But it's not like we were really able to talk to much of anyone from the aquarium to begin with.

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