OMFG can the entire internet just stop with the "you might also like" nonsense.

It's basically just "let us try and distract you with something only tangentially related to what you came here for"


@InvaderXan Ugh, yes! It's like starting up my coffee maker in the morning and having it ask me if I'd like to order an iced tea.

No I don't want iced tea right now, that's why I'm starting up the coffee maker!

@InvaderXan There's a cloud-based music player that I keep getting mad at because we have different ideas of what it's for. To me, it's a way of listening to music I've already chosen. To the publisher, it's a way for them to sell me additional subscriptions.

@KelsonV @InvaderXan Ah, that's because you think the coffee maker is for making you coffee, but its purpose is in fact manipulating you into buying more stuff. Coffee is just the bait. Yay capitalism! \o/

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