Interesting point about Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda: for the most part, MS doesn't care what hardware you run their stuff on, they just want you to buy the software. So it's less likely to be about trying to gain Xbox exclusives and more likely to be about getting more games for Game Pass.

It reminds me of a blog post I read a few years back comparing the core business of various major tech players:

Apple sells hardware, and they sell software & media to give you something to do with the HW.

MS sells software, and the HW is to give you something to run their software on.

Google sells ads on services, and provides HW & SW to connect to those services.

Amazon sells stuff, and their HW is a way to sell you virtual stuff.

And that's why, for instance, you can run Gmail on anything, MS Office on almost anything, but the main Apple program that runs on other operating systems is designed primarily to hook you up with an iPhone (previously an iPod).

It's an older post and predates the rise of smart speakers, but it still fits remarkably well. Remember how the Echo originally was mostly a way to place orders through Amazon?

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