Video card shuffle complete! 

After getting the nice new card for the gaming PC, I was hoping to just shift everything downward, but its old card made my main desktop really unstable, and my desktop's old card physically wouldn't fit in the ancient box we have hooked up to the TV for media.

Old card is now doing Folding@home in the gaming PC. Medium card in my desktop has been replaced with a compatible one & I plan to sell it since it worked fine in the other box. Left the media box alone.


AMD, Nvidia, compatibility 

It's weird, the Radeon card that was in the Windows 10 gaming PC worked great - no problems at all. I only took it out to get a more powerful one.

But when I moved it to my dual-boot system, it worked immediately on Linux, but it kept freezing Windows whenever I tried to update the driver or tools. And I'd get random crashes during games that had been totally stable on my old, less-powerful Nvidia.

Indications pointed to chipset compatibility problems with the mobo.

AMD, Nvidia, compatibility 

Between all the crashes and knowing that I couldn't update the drivers, ever, it became clear I'd need to either replace the motherboard & hope that fixed it, or just replace the card. Back to the old one? Not after a month of awesome graphics performance! So I looked for a comparable Nvidia. Not as good (or expensive) as the shiny new one, but a lot better than the old one.

Once it arrived, I think I had everything working on both operating systems within 30 minutes.

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