Coin shortage update: Bank is back to rationing quarters, only exchanging one roll at a time. Landlord is *finally* looking at switching the laundry room to a card system.

A coin shortage seems oddly specific, and the first time I encountered the limit, I wondered if people were deliberately hoarding them. Then I saw an article pointing out that it's simpler than that: people just aren't out spending cash, so coins aren't circulating and aren't making it back to banks.

I assume the laundry machine service charges more to rent the debit card systems. Every big apartment complex I've lived in used one, but the small building I live in now has been quarter-based since we moved in.

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Back to the coin thing, though: I was reading that some restaurants are doing things like offering a free bag of chips or a free soda instead of change when people pay cash, because it's easier to restock chips than coins.

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Oh hey, here's Forbes back in July saying Well, actually, it's not really a coin *shortage*, it's a *circulation disruption*.

And yeah, at a high level, you need different strategies to resolve an actual shortage of something vs. a distribution issue. But down at the "I need clean clothes" level it doesn't make a lot of difference.

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