Anyone know what the MacBook Pro uses three microphones for instead of just one?

Apparently they're only about an inch apart - obviously not far enough for stereo recording (and it appears as one microphone in the settings), but is it far enough to triangulate direction and distance? If so, what *uses* that capability?

@KelsonV echo cancellation iirc? I don't know exactly how it works though

«The 2018 MacBook Air actually has 3 microphones in a sort of triangle configuration. […]

In addition to their placements, the three microphones also have different orientations. If you look from the top-down, the second microphone is rotated 180 degrees when compared to the first. The third microphone is rotated 90 degrees[…].

These different placements and orientations allows signal processing algorithms to seperate ambient noise from the desired signal»

@FiXato Ah, that's really cool! Thanks for finding that!

@peter Heh... the thought had crossed my mind, but they hardly need another physical microphone for that

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