Picking up Japanese again in Duolingo after reviewing Spanish & German for a while. And my brain is jumping on mixes of the other two languages. I was just asked to translate "Where are your parents" and my first thought was "Donde estan sus Eltern?"

@KelsonV when I first started learning #Norwegian I frequently included #German words too. Once I got a bit more fluent in Norwegian, it became harder to speak German instead. Not that I ever was very fluent in German in the first place, but I still had several years of high school classes to work with.
I doubt I could still hold a conversation in German now though...


@FiXato Heh... at least German and Norwegian are more similar than German & Spanish. Or either and Japanese!

Something I do find interesting though is when German & Spanish share something with each other but not with English. Like Möbel & mueble vs. furniture.

In related news, it's weird how much easier it is to add accents and other marks on a phone keyboard (even without language-appropriate autocorrect) than on a physical keyboard with the US-English layout even though it's easier to type in general on the real keyboard.

It doesn't have to be difficult I guess if you've properly set up compose keys in your keyboard layout, but I still tend to go back and forth between having dead keys on mine...

But an OSD keyboard indeed has the benefit of direct visual feedback due to its ability to easily group keys and change its appearance on-the-fly, and just swiping slightly to pick a variant.

That's an interesting example!
Especially when you consider that 'furniture' apparently comes from #MiddleFrench 'fourniture', and that #French itself also has 'meubles'.
I wonder if it has anything to do with how furniture was used? Was #English furniture bulkier and thus its focus was more on 'furnishing', rather than being 'movable' (French 'meuble', and Latin 'mōbilis' before that)?
Looking at the list of translations, the Latin form seems to be predominant: en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/furni

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