Covid, personal speculation 

With more symptoms being added to the list, I'm beginning to think I should have gone in for a flu test when I had the flu at the beginning of March. At the time, chills, muscle aches & headache (and lack of coughing) seemed like a clear "not covid" indicator, and I figured as long as it didn't get bad enough to see a doctor, I'd stick with home care.

Probably wouldn't have been able to get a covid test even then, but at least I'd know for sure whether it was the flu.


Covid, personal speculation 

This was a week before CA started locking things down, so I'd been out during the week leading up to it, but as soon as symptoms appeared, I isolated myself. I mean, I didn't want to give anyone the flu either.

But yeah, it made for a weird week to be home sick with something else & read about Italy's cases exploding & WHO declaring a pandemic and watch as CA started shutting things down.

I got sick in what used to be "normal" & recovered in pandemic lockdown.

Covid, personal speculation 

@KelsonV very "28 Days Later" vibe there :)

Covid, personal speculation 

@brion Yeah, now that you mention it!

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