Turns out there are still people making web browsers that aren't based on WebKit or Gecko. Here's an article about a browser called Flow:

@KelsonV ah shame they have such a negative view on open source.

"There’s no current plan for that as we don’t have a large corporation backing our development."

it sounds like they have a bit of a misunderstanding about what open source is, or who is allowed to participate in it.

@adasauce Yeah, that bit seemed like an unnecessary swipe.

@KelsonV if you check their website, some product pages like read “WebKit based.”

I work on browsers for a living and with the huge effort a browser is, it smells like maybe some parts are their own (probably the ones pushing pixels around and maybe the SVG support as claimed), and others pulled from WebKit. My bet us WebCore and JavaScriptCore are used. But marketing it as “their own” gives a stronger “we innovate” message, so... 🤠

@KelsonV making a browser from scratch is a humongous undertaking, it makes sense to reuse some bits from elsewhere. Nobody wants to reimplement HTML parsing again (or many other things) where providing an alternative won't give any advantage.

@KelsonV so unless I see the code, I'm not going to believe somebody pulled a completely new rabbit out of a hat just because I'm being told so.

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