I need to start collecting screenshots of ghost Pokestops. Not ghost-type nests, but the stops that highlight something that isn't there anymore.

In my area there are several murals that have been painted over, fountains that have been converted to planters, a park pond that's become a splash pad, a sculpture in a store that's been bulldozed...

It's like a digital afterlife for landmarks.

@KelsonV I was thinking about this earlier today. One of the Pokestops on my way into work is one that's for a park sign that was removed last year and has not been replaced.

@hafnia I'm kind of reluctant to say anything about them in case Niantic decides to remove them!

@KelsonV I love that. We have some here, too. They just renovated a park near my house and half the pokestops now commemorate playground equipment that's no longer there.

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