Wow. Automattic bought from Verizon for less than $3 million.

Considering Yahoo bought it for $1.1 *billion* back in the day...

Yahoo really squandered it. And Verizon, I think, just wanted to get rid of it.

At least it's going to an actual social media company instead of another conglomerate. I was half expecting Verizon to try to monetize it into the ground and close it once everyone but the die-hard users had given up on it.


And they seem to understand that Tumblr and WordPress are different types of sites and different types of networks, so he's unlikely to try to merge them into a frankenblog or try to migrate people from one to the other.

Still in wait-and-see mode - after the dust settles, will they change the way ads work? will they change the ToS again? - but I'm more confident that Tumblr will still *exist* next year than I was a few months ago.

@KelsonV they at least don't plan to rescind the adult content ban, so I doubt they'll see any of the users from the previous ToS change back.

@FiXato Yeah, probably not.

They may be able to get back at least some people who saw the ban as a sign of a dying platform.

Though frankly, even if all they do is keep it running in maintenance mode for those who are still there, that's still better it would have been staying at Verizon.

Oh, this is interesting: Among things Automattic wants to do with Tumblr is move the *back-end* to WordPress, while keeping the front-end experience of the Tumblr site and apps.

I can *sort of* see the appeal: they've got over a decade of experience making WordPress scale, and Tumblr's currently on Verizon's servers, so if they can run Tumblr on top of WordPress, they already know how to host it.

But it kinda runs the risk of that frankenblog thing.

@KelsonV IIRC, tumblr is still on S3, which they'd have to migrate off to scale _anyways_.

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