Interesting: A few miles from Hearst Castle, a trash collector spent 50 years cobbling together his house out of junk and found objects. As Cambria became more trendy in the 1970s, neighbors wanted him to tear down the multi-level "eyesore," while others saw Nitt Witt Ridge as a folk art monument. It's still there, and still a controversy within the city and its historical society.

This seems like the kind of roadside construction that would fit in with American Gods' cosmology. More like The House on the Rock than Hearst Castle, despite the proximity.


And now I'm trying to remember whether the world's biggest ball of twine (in Minnesota) was name-checked in either the book or the TV show so far.

Also, back on the art/eyesore theme: TIL that the first of Wyland's 100+ whale murals, on the wall of a Laguna Beach hotel, was later painted over as an "eyesore." I mean, c'mon, really?

But since then, a friend of his bought the building, and he's recreating the original mural. On canvas this time, so he can move it if anything happens to the wall.


There was a parody of that in Sam & Max Hit the Road, as I recall. Along with a few others.

@Nezchan I remember that! Ridiculously big, with a cable car up to the top.

I can't seem to remember anything else about the game, though.


The thing I remember best was the bug at the Mystery Spot that wouldn't let me finish the game.

@Nezchan See, I didn't even remember the Mystery Spot was *in* the game!

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