Link: Feral Parrots Are Taking Over America!

"These birds, descendants of escaped pets, have managed to create thriving colonies in these cities despite the annual cold weather."

@KelsonV I kind of wonder if they could be considered to be replacing the Carolina Parakeet, though I don’t know if they really fill the same niche.

@gannet In some ways, maybe. I looked at the Wikipedia articles for both species, and it looks like the Monk parakeets are better suited for urban environments just from the fact that they build nests instead of using holes in trees.

The Monk parakeet article doesn't mention what they eat, so I'd have to read up more to guess whether they occupy a similar niche in that aspect.

I spotted some of these feral #parrots in the grocery store parking lot today. Two #parakeets flew across the lot into a palm tree, squawking as they went. I could only spot one of them once they'd settled, but I managed to get almost a dozen photos of it while it sat there.

#birds #parakeets #FeralParakeets #FeralParrots
#nature #wildlife #photos

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