Wow, that shoe dropped sooner than I expected. Verizon is *already* shopping around to sell . I figured it would be toward the end of the year.

I backed up all of my original Tumblr content in December, and I've imported a few posts to my blog. And I started paring down what was left.

As I said back in January:

"It’s clear that Verizon has even less idea what to do with Tumblr than Yahoo! did. When they finally give up trying to monetize what’s left of the user base, they’ll have no incentive to keep it going. Or to respect all the user data they’ve amassed."

Here's hoping Tumblr finds a suitable buyer who understands what they're getting and is willing to invest in the community, not someone who just wants to squeeze out the last few drops of monetization before sending it to join GeoCities in the great Internet Archive in the Sky.

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