"Your Page was flagged because your post(s) linked to"

Um...yeah. Sure. That's not a valid domain name.

The message showed up less than an hour after I logged into FB for the first time in weeks, and it does appear to actually be from FB & not a phish...though I don't see any indication in FB's website that the page has been flagged for *anything*, much less "sharing, distributing or promoting content inauthentically."

I'm thinking this was sent out accidentally.

Also, searching for on FB & birdsite turned up other people saying WTF about similar messages they got in the last hour or two (and nothing older), which lends more weight to the suspicion that it's a bogus message that got sent out to a bunch of people at once.

In case anyone's reading this, I did eventually get an email from FB confirming that it was sent by mistake.

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