Dark Forest spoilers, 3/4 through 

Fascinating as the Year 200 setting has been up to this point, the naivete & overconfidence has been maddening.

You *know* the enemy has vastly superior technology & knows way more about physics than you do. You don't send your entire fleet to intercept one ship that you've decided is harmless based on the fact that *your tech* couldn't be destructive enough based on *your* knowledge of physics.

Dark Forest spoilers, 3/4 through 

Awakened hibernators seem to be more...paranoid? Cautious? Perceptive?

I guess the idea is that those who grew up in this era figure humanity has already faced the Great Ravine, we can face *anything*, while those who lived earlier don't have that overconfidence.

Or maybe the Imprinted tech is out there, the polarity fixed, and in wider use than anyone thought.

But it's still been frustrating pages & pages of "when will the big dummies figure it out?"

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