Rescued from my Google+ archive, August 2011:

"Years ago, I wanted a smartphone so I could write down all the blog posts I compose in my head when I’m away from a computer. Now that I have one, I end up reading Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus instead, and I compose blog posts in my head when I’m away from both my computer AND my phone. Maybe I just need a pencil and notepad."

It really speaks to how expectations for mobile computing were derailed so quickly by the social media feedback loop.

I mean, that's just me, and a niche I wanted to fill with a mobile computer - along with things like a mobile SSH client, ability to look up information on the web from anywhere, and ability to upload photos from anywhere - but those things weren't pushed out of the way like actual creative output was.

Except for photography. That was something that the social media cycle could latch onto. And for a long time, when I was taking photos with a better camera (because phone cameras were still terrible at the time), I didn't have the temptation to just check Twitter for "a minute," then 15 minutes later just check Facebook for "a minute," etc. Because I couldn't do that on my camera.

I haven't managed to get back to the amount of long form writing I used to do. And I've struggled with keeping the social media vortex pattern at bay. For a while I would only let myself use FB on my phone because it was a pain, so I'd stop sooner. Now I only use it on a desktop because that reduces the opportunity to get started.

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