Dreamed that Lily Potter had survived Godric's Hollow, completely obliviated. Unable to find any clues to her previous life, she built a new one as a muggle. Harry found her in his late teens, and they tried to reconnect, but the curse had left her unable to form long-term memories of anything magic, including Harry. Knowing she had new holes in her memory terrified her. Her muggle husband wanted to help, and started trying to develop technology to enhance memory charms.

@FiXato Yeah, I was thinking that too. I figure I'd need to research both real amnesia and people reconnecting with birth parents to do it justice.

@FiXato (Re-watching Memento isn't going to be enough.)

@KelsonV I'm not sure I want to rewatch #Memento, as I'm afraid it won't hold up to my fond memories of watching it the first two times several years ago...

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