When UPS or FedEx hands a package off to the post office for delivery, how long would you expect it to take from that point? The next day? Two days? Three? Four?

According to UPS tracking, the last component for the new computer was handed off to the *local* post office last *Wednesday*. If it's not here today, I know an 8YO who'll beg me to just buy one at Fry's.

(Of course, if it is here, he'll beg to stay up late while I install the OS, thinking he'll get to play games right away. Nope!)


Finally got a delivery estimate: Thursday evening. Considering the post office is closed tomorrow, that's effectively a full week later. The FedEx-to-post-office packages arrived only a couple of days past the hand-off, IIRC.

The kiddo has spent the last two days doing the "is it here yet? is it here yet? is it here yet?" dance and repeatedly checking the mailbox, porch, and all the usual spots that delivery services leave things.

I've been at home, sick, for the last 2 days, which means when the SSD for the new computer FINALLY arrived, I spent the afternoon installing the drive, Windows, all the drivers, and key applications, including a game the kiddo has been wanting to play for ages (but couldn't due to hardware specs on the old PC).

And coughing and sneezing a lot.

This afternoon, after school, he finally got to play it!

For 10 minutes, before the power went out.

To my amazement and relief, he took it in stride, even as the power kept fluctuating for the next hour.

@KelsonV Great kid. Great dad too! :-)

Get well soon. Hopefully your power stabilises too.

@sohkamyung Thanks.

The power did eventually stabilize, and he got to spend some time seriously playing.

Then I went to lie down for the rest of the afternoon. @&*$! cold.


I've had a cold lurking in the background for several weeks and I'm not looking forward to when it finally breaks through in full force...
Fortunately our almost 4 months old #BeardGrabber still seems without any cold symptoms himself. The first time he gets sick is something I'm even less looking forward too. :(

Good to heard your kid finally got to play his game though! Sounds like he's a real trooper when it comes to dealing with disappointments. ;)

@FiXato The weird thing is, he usually isn't. I think maybe he'd gotten used to waiting for the specific thing, so it didn't bother him so much. 🤷‍♂️

But yeah, the first time your kid gets sick can be nerve-wracking.

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