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KelsonV @KelsonV

I never thought I'd see Microsoft throw in the towel on their browser engine. Or that, by the time it happened, I'd see that as a bad thing. Monoculture is still a problem, no matter who runs it. Firefox is going to be even more important in the future.

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Hmm, it might be time to either shut down or retool that old "Alternative Browser" site I ran during the Second Browser War

It's outdated enough that Chrome was the new upstart...

@KelsonV the source is Windows Central which is not a reliable source; the only confirmation is the work with google to create a blink engine browser for ARM devices

@oct2pus Argh, I should've done some more comparisons when I first saw this. I didn't realize all the articles point back to the same one.

@KelsonV yes i've noted and made a post about it. Whoops

So we are back to the early 2000's only now the monopoly belongs to Chrome.

@maryjane If the rumors are true, yeah. We're already at the point where webdevs are treating Chrome like the defacto standard, the way they did IE6 back in the day.

@KelsonV how do you feel about donating to Mozilla? Or recommending that others donate?

@aaronm04 I donate to Mozilla annually, and I'd recommend other people donate as well. While they've made some missteps and some weird choices, the work they do is important for keeping the internet and the web open.