I don't have anything on that would trigger a purge under the new rules, but it seems like a step towards self-destruction for the site, so I'm going to export my stuff just in case and see what I might want to preserve that isn't already duplicated.

Hmm, is also shedding users post-Yahoo w/ the subscription changes, but that seems more benign (to me). They're shrinking the free tier so that they can continue to serve the paying core users, not pushing out a core section of the users.

🤦‍♂️ Of course! Flickr's customers are the Flickr Pro users. 's customers are advertisers.

(That and, you know, bought by a photography site vs. bought by a giant telecom corporation.)

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The thing with Flickr is that

1. They've had a freemium business model as long as I can remember.
2. The new free tier may be limited, but it's still more than they offered *before* the move to "Let's get people to host ALL their pictures here!" a few years back. (1000 photos vs. 200, IIRC).
3. They're focusing on their core, not jettisoning it.

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