You know what I miss about CDs and other physical music media?

Liner notes.

Art, lyrics, sometimes stories...

...and credits. Who is that familiar-sounding background singer? Who wrote the song? Is it a cover? This one really reminds me of a certain composer, lyricist, or arranger's style - can I confirm that?

The performer and title are easy to get, even if it's not in your own library.

But the rest? If the song is notable enough for Wikipedia, great. Otherwise, who knows?

This toot brought to you by trying to figure out just how many songs on a Bonnie Tyler compilation were written by Jim Steinman.

@KelsonV I've noticed a few of my recent audio file purchases coming with PDFs included: the image in is a cropped screenshot using one of those. It would be nice if it were much more commonplace, though. (And I'm fairly sure I've seen 7digital treat the result as a new release instead of adding PDFs to previous album purchases.)

@GardenOfForkingPaths Yeah, I've got a few like that too, but not as many as I'd like.

@KelsonV I feel the same. Plus artwork.

Sometimes discogs is a helpful tool for the credits. Better than Wikipedia, anyhow.

@dani Definitely artwork!

I do look further than just Wikipedia for credits, but usually I find sites that list only the lead singer or band. Maybe I just need to look further.

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