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It's the end of the year. So I've decided to start a #NatureImagesFor2019 series by featuring one photo from each month from my iNaturalist observations for the year.

For January, I have selected this image of a Jade Jumping Spider (Siler semiglaucus), showing it's nicely patterned abdomen.

On iNaturalist [ ].

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Wienerschnitzel of all places is plugging Pumpkin Spice. Or rather, "Pumpkin Spice, Spice, Baby" 🙄

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Does anyone else ever contemplate how all of our lives and indeed all of civilization is really just a complex, chaotic chemical reaction burning itself out?

Just me?

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So the Verge article for which I wrote some thoughts about Jack Dorsey announcing #Bluesky is out and it used only a few sentences from what I came up with, so I wanna share the full thing...

I was asked, if Twitter did indeed adopt #ActivityPub instead of coming up with something new, would it be better or worse for the decentralized social web?

Here's an interesting idea: using sand or gravel and mountains for long-term energy storage. When there's a surplus of solar/wind/whatever-generated electricity, use the extra to lift buckets of sand up a mountain and drop them in a storage basin (similar to pumping water uphill to fill the area behind a hydroelectric dam), and when the grid is low on power, open a chute and let the sand turn a turbine.

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I always find it interesting when a language reveals or clarifies connections between two others.

Like, it's not obvious at first glance that cheese and queso are related, but if you also know Käse, they're clearly all the same word.

Similarly, I could never see the connection between John & Ivan, until I realized that if you write Juan in all-caps ancient Roman chiseled stone style, it comes out as IVAN. (I know that's not how it happened, but it makes the connection clearer.)

A baby white rhino born in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park has been named Future, for what she means to conservation efforts.

After a few rainstorms, her new favorite thing is mud.

A profile of Archive Team and their ongoing efforts to preserve online culture when massive services shut down. Latest project: Yahoo Groups.

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Jack Dorsey followed Mastodon on Twitter a month ago so it's not like he doesn't know Mastodon exists, take from that what you will

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I wrote an ode to personal websites for one of my faves,
24ways. Featuring inspiring (and rights-respecting) websites from people whose work I love and respect.

Some useful URL tricks I've discovered for combining tag/category searches:

You can search for the intersection of two tags by looking for


or the union of two tags by looking for


or the subset of posts in a category that are also tagged by looking for


I'm sure there are more that I haven't stumbled across. But I can't find a reference for combined search/archive terms like this.

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One of at least three sea otters I saw during a few minutes walking along the shoreline of Monterey Bay near Old Fisherman's Wharf last weekend.

#animals #nature #otters #ocean #Monterey #California

Catching up on Flash / epinephrine 

Catching up on Flash / epinephrine 

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A long and fascinating article on Ken Liu and his translations of of works by Chinese SF writers. It also goes into some details on how he navigates the translations of political statements that Chinese writers may obscure in their writings to get past the censors.

#SFF #KenLiu #Translations #China #Writing

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