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Saw a small part of a Godzilla movie. Which one features Godzilla vs a giant flying rock?

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Looking up at the walls of a hotel near LAX. The #patterened #facade in the first photo is repeated on several other walls around the hotel. Above it are many layers of #interleaved balconies for the hotel rooms.

Does anyone know the term for this #architecture style? It's sort of post-Googie, pre-Brutalist?

#LosAngeles #photo

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1901 Photograph: The Orion Nebula

Image Credit: George Ritchey, Yerkes Observatory - Digitization Project: W. Cerny,

R. Kron, Y. Liang, J. Lin, M. Martinez, E. Medina, B. Moss, B. Ogonor, M. Ransom, J. Sanchez (Univ. of Chicago) #APoD

Sure, autocorrect, it makes total sense to talk about a Glock of pigeons.... 🙄

Shoot, I still need to read Tales from Plexis. And I just got The Gossamer Mage

Couldn't remember the name for a Skarmory, and my brain supplied Skaal-ru. So now I'm wondering about how web-beings from Julie Czerneda's Web Shifters series would work with Pokemon. Would each be able to become only one type of Pokemon? Or would they be able to transform into any Pokemon species they wanted to?

I think the latter makes more sense, but the former would be fun in a "what Pokemon would this character become?" sense

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Dr Hannah Fry has joined calls for a Hippocratic oath for tech & maths specialists.

"The issue has become urgent now that researchers are building systems that gather and sell personal data, exploit human frailties, and take on life-or-death decisions."

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Not sure what's going on today but my TL has a lot of folks complaining about and looking down on other people because they chose different tools and processes to get their job done.

So it's time for the PSA that it's really none of your business what tools people use to complete their tasks, whether at work or especially at home. At work, if they're getting their job done, what does it matter if they're using an IDE or remote editing or working solely in docker? What does it matter if they're using vim with lots of plugins or with none?

So dial it back a bit, eh?

And I need to write a review/reaction of the BBC Les Miserables before I forget too much more of it.

I need to set aside some time and get back to the Hugo or Jekyll conversion for the ones that are more-or-less "done"

Nothing like an update to a common plugin to remind me of just how many WordPress blogs I'm maintaining.

This is cool: researchers have developed a "soft" robotic lens that can change its shape in response to electrical generated by eye movement. Potential not just for replacement lenses, but also contacts or glasses that adjust to distance, or even zoom.

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A hand reached out of the pond, grasping desperately.

It only occurred to me after I extended my hand to help that the pond was too shallow for anyone to be drowning in it.

And yet, out clambered a fine lady, dressed in lace and silk, oddly dry. Her hair was blue.

But so was mine.Dye exists.

"Sister!" she cried, embracing me.

I'd never met her before in my life.

But that's how I ended up with a refugee water spirit for a roommate.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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There is another here entwined with us /
Another girl who'll learn to hate before /
He learns to love, to break our curse and thus /
Release my life, for far too long endured

She'll hate and run and die and he will rage /
And I will feel another petal gone /
The last I have, and oh! I feel my age /
This Rose will die, and leave the Beast alone.
#TootPome #SmallPoems #Fairytale

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Nice milestone. iNaturalist has reached 25 million observations. Video in the link shows a timeline animation of the observations over the years since the project got started in 2008.

#iNaturalist #Nature

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Well-titled article on the incredibly cryptic (and still unexplained) : "Why do people keep convincing themselves they’ve solved this medieval mystery?"

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