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This bug is 'delicious' and shows the perils of cutting-and-pasting code from Stack Overflow without really understand what the code does but just accepting the answer. 😃

From Twitter [ ]

"foone @Foone

So I learned of an amusing bug today:

Docker for Windows won't run if you have the Razer Synapse driver management tool running.

But the reason is the funny part..."

Via Hacker News [ ]

#Bugs #Coding #StackOverflow

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Spam subject: "Pilates with a punch" - No, those are *pirates*. (Don't feel bad. They had the same problem in Penzance: )

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I’ve been seeing hawks lately when I’m out walking, which is new. I know partly it’s that I’m actively looking for suburban wildlife, but I’ve been doing that since last June when I started participating in iNaturalist. I started noticing how many squirrels and sparrows and phoebes and finches were around (in addition to the crows and pigeons and seagulls) right away. Maybe it’s seasonal? Maybe it’s the time of day I’ve been looking?

Whatever the reason, I’ve logged four observations over the last month or so. First, two red-shouldered hawks I spotted while hiking.

This is the best photo I managed to get of any of them, because it was

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Interesting look at the potential for the Samsung Galaxy S20's 108-pixel camera by testing out Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10, which uses a similar sensor. Lots of discussion of not just pixel count but pixel size, light-gathering capacity, how many camera pixels are combined to make each pixel in the final image, depth of field, etc.

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Love this headline:

"Turtles the size of a car once roamed the Earth. Scientists just found their fossils."

"The hulking reptile was about 100 times the size of its closest living relative, the Amazon river turtle, and twice the size of the largest living turtle, the marine leatherback, the researchers estimated."

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It's out. Papers and results from the New Horizons pass of the Kuiper Belt Object, Arrokoth. [ ]

Article summarises the findings. Links to the open access papers can be found at the end.

#NewHorizons #Arrokoth #KuiperBeltObjects #Space


covid19 (sorta+) 

covid19 (sorta+) 

covid19 (sorta+) 

The team has published their full analysis of

"Arrokoth is a fossil. It has not changed for billions of years. It has been immaculately preserved, like an insect trapped in amber, in a cold, dim, stupendously serene realm of the solar system where nothing much happens, ever."

"'This is the best archaeological dig we’ve ever found into the history of the solar system,' enthused Alan Stern, the scientific leader of the New Horizons team."

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This is why I'm skeptical of claims like, "Someday in the future we'll have a device in our brains so we can Google using our thoughts." I don't *want* software in my brain. Software in my brain means:

- they ship a patch that breaks my brain
- somebody hacks my brain
- they change the UI for my brain unexpectedly
- the server goes down so my brain stops working

Software for anything mission-critical scares the bejeezus out of me. (And that includes software in planes etc.)

A new study finds that handwashing at airports is probably the single most effective method for preventing pandemics.

I find myself thinking about Sam's speech a lot. About how in the stories that really matter, people faced overwhelming darkness, and had a lot of chances to stop, but they kept going.

A Reminder About Story Middles

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"How Finland starts its fight against fake news in primary schools"

"In maths lessons, Kivinen’s pupils learn how easy it is to lie with statistics. In art, they see how an image’s meaning can be manipulated. In history, they analyse notable propaganda campaigns, while Finnish language teachers work with them on the many ways in which words can be used to confuse, mislead and deceive"

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