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Birds of Prey 

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Using Google Earth to look for the Utah monolith site. One candidate that matches the landscape seems to have something vertical that appeared between the 2015 and 2016 images.

No coordinates in the article. Attempt no landings there.

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A font for most languages.

"The Noto name comes from the mission, “NO TOfu”—eliminating the tofu-like boxes (𛲢𛲡𛲠) that appear when no font is available for a user’s text. Noto offers fonts for 146 scripts (writing systems) and over 800 languages, and is opening the door to reading and writing for minority language speakers."

#Fonts #Google #Languages #Culture #Society

"This emulator sure is crashing a lot."
"So did the Commodore"

Kid's test program on a C64 emulator:

20 GOTO 10

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@nolan the mighty Goog has heard your prayers:

although I kind of like Apple's strategy of using new emoji as a 🥕 to entice people to install OS updates. Google's problem is OEMs don't make OS updates available in the first place.

This is especially weird to find out today, because today I also found out (through randomly seeing a mention on Twitter) that the Michelin Guide to restaurants and Michelin tire company are the same Michelin, not two different Michelins as I'd always assumed

I always assumed the Tandy company that sold leather and the Tandy company that sold computers were different companies.

Turns out nope, they were the same. Tandy Leather bought Radio Shack in the 1960s.

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"In early 2019, Ian Davis lost 4 of his digits on his left hand to a work accident. His insurance did not cover his prosthetic." So he made his own mechanical solution.

"The prosthetic Ian built has literally zero electricity need, it works with a set of elastic strings, rods, chains, nails a forearm rest, and whatnot."

We're living a #cyberpunk dystopia but, damn, engineers are amazing.

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Things which have ruined the internet:

• Advertising
• Facebook culture
• Gamer gate
• Content™ algorithms
• Genericisation of social media
• Paywalls

Did I miss anything?

Playing Minecraft with the kid:

Wife: "What are you playing on?"
Kid: "Windows 10."
Me: "What *world*?"
Kid: "I don't know."
Wife: "Does that mean you don't know, or does that mean IDK?" (He has a realm called IDK, because he didn't know what to call it.)
Kid: "No, IDK hasn't been renewed."
Wife: *sigh* "Who's on first...?"

amazingly, he seems to be willing to drop it

kid asked us to buy an external floppy drive so he can see what's actually on the handful of floppy disks we still have 🙄

not that we'd have any use for it afterward

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At the very least, keep in mind that life is NOT a zero sum game. You can succeed without requiring someone else to fail. You can be right without requiring someone else to be wrong. You can be more without requiring someone else to be less.

Remember that you can lift yourself up without pushing others down.

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covid, i hate people a lot 

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