Watching some Cardcaptor Sakura and
1) The first thing that stands out is how out-and-out GOOD it is. Music choice, characterization, cinematography, writing, background art, character design...The pieces aren't just good individually - They're also integrated Really Well.
2) I'd forgotten how Super Duper Gay it is. Like..the list of main cast members who are not gay or bi is shorter than the list of those who are? I kinda love it.

I'm not generally one to take pictures of food, but I was really proud of today's breakfast.

Been having this odd burning sensation on my left thigh and/or right shoulder now and then.
Just found out that an actual burn doesn't automatically mean redness on the skin. So...the "burning sensation" is...burns. I'm getting them when I set the shower too hot and then step into it and/or reach through it to turn it off.
There's a weird mix of pride and embarrassment when I solve a mystery of this kind. Like, "I solved a puzzle! But why did it take this long?"

One of the crazy things I've noticed about my webcomic reading habits is how it's skewed my view of "normal" comic length.
I saw Aphrodite IX on Webtoons and it felt SUPER short, at 33 "pages."
But, like...each webtoon page is at LEAST half the length of an entire comic book you'd get at the comic shop, if not the full length.
Physically this thing would be an omnibus.
But I'm used to decades-long epics.

The nori is tasty, and rather than a side of soy sauce (which I'm getting enough of in the rice) I can soften it if necessary using the miso soup.
The mandolin has a spike-set that is tiny! This means the daikon can be wee shredded noodles instead of big chonkin' noodles. Probably better? Guess we'll find out!
The egg I put on the leftover rice is hard to get cooked, because the rice is cold to start and just being reheated. I think lower & slower will do it, assuming I have time.

Programming: I have designed a game with units on a board you use cards to move around. The cards cost time, and whoever's spent the least time is the unit whose turn it is.
It's made up of a ton of little parts that aren't terribly complicated on their own. So far I have the initiative bar working, and the integration between that and display of the units (so only the current unit shows in the corner) and also I can register cards and they have proper drag-and-drop functionality.
Getting there!

Food: I've changed my breakfast to this complicated and Really Swank traditional Japanese breakfast with homemade pickled daikon salad and grilled salmon and soy-infused rice and nori and miso soup.
It takes probably an extra fifteen minutes to set up. Previously I was eating two cookies and a banana chopped up into cottage cheese? Which was getting less appetizing as the weather continues to cool.
Hopefully the time cost will continue to feel worthwhile.

Compy: Part of why I'm back here is that Tumblr is, from my computer's angle, Entirely Broken.
They're selling ad blocks to people with hacked adservers, so the second I go to the site I get redirected to something telling me my Flash Player is out of date (I do not HAVE Flash Player on this machine. Nice try.), or that I have viruses and have to click their link to fix it! Or or or.
One of the redirecting pages was literally gogo.powerrangers which...cute, but you're still horrible.

Japanese: I REALLY appreciate Duolingo's latest update, and/but also it has made things a LOT harder for me. My anime watching habit gave a huge leg up on pronunciation and recognition by sound...and Duolingo's now helping learn Kanji, which...well, I haven't been reading a bunch of untranslated manga, so I don't have the same weeaboonus on it.
AND. Learning is fun! It's all at my own pace. I'm trying to occasionally write out kanji after I'm done on the app.

Updates On Life:
My Tapestry: I have completed 5 panels, and am approaching the halfway point on the 6th. If I don't fall down on it again, I will be done in ~100 days. It's a really fun way to wind down for the evening. I sit down at 10 and do that until 11, which gives me a full hour away from screens before I'm trying to sleep.

Demi is done! When I got past the last color-swap I took it with me to gaming and just crocheted a bit between turns. 18 rows happened by the end of the session!

I am returned!
I've only gotten partway through the current panel of crochet. For a while I was just in this ugly cycle of "If I go to work on it I'll feel guilty about how far behind I am." and my solution was the Very Clever Plan to avoid doing it for even longer. 😑
I think I'm back in the rhythm of it. I took it with me when I visited dad and used it to fill time during travel and reminded myself I enjoy crocheting.
Here's a picture of where it's at now!

Status Update:
The writing has just started back up. Keeping up the momentum is important!
I've invested an entire seven dollars in fluff for filling plush toys. Said fluff isn't expensive, so seven bucks is a LOT. So I guess I'll be making plush toys now and then for a while.
There's a desire for quiet. There's been a longstanding interest in escaping various social hellsites, of course, but I've recently become conscious that I want to spend part of my day with my music off. That's new.

I played Slay the Spire with the Stawberry Spire Mod and the Glutton Mod. I lost, but I am happy to report that the Glutton did get to eat a strawberry.

Update: Haven't found it and also searching for it has sent me through a box of mementos from a friend who's since come to hate me, so THAT was hard.
I've picked up my nightstand, in case I'd been keeping it on the nightstand and it'd fallen under (no and no). I've gone through a box of general lil stuff (pretty cool, found a ton of precious stones). At this point my next guess is that hidden compartment in my car? Don't want to keep stewing on this but also don't want to go to bed like this?

I haven't been married for years but I'm still having a kind of mini panic attack tonight because I can't figure out where my wedding ring is.
Like. I need to know where that thing memorializing that part of my life went. And I don't.
Things people don't warn you about.

Hahn is complete! Here's the 3 panels I have done on a queen size bed, with a convenient Reference Hat!

About a week behind, both on where I wanted to be and on posting about it. But we're up to Hahn's face! The first row of it, at least.

Only have 6 of the 18 rows I wanted done by today. Going to do 4-6 per day instead of 3 for the upcoming week to try and catch up.

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