Barbara Higbie also has some excellent piano music. Her song Charlie Riley is both playful and flawlessly executed, which to me is like the platonic ideal of what piano music should be.

Photo taken from the ceiling, because this thing is massive.
3 panels left!

I've talked myself into making a change to my game that will involve rewriting-printing-cutting almost every card.
The dark side of Rapid Iteration rears its head. It's "rapid" in that I get five turns into one playtest of a game and go, "Nope, need to change to [new thing]."
But that then takes days of work.

A second printing of the base cards. A small change has done a great job of getting the early balance issue under control.

I need to allow myself to be fuggin' basic and hamfisted with my metaphors to myself when I'm talking psych.
It doesn't say bad things about me if my reptilian hindbrain doesn't deal in nuance. That's EXPECTED.
Like, if I have a nightmare about being rejected maybe I have a fear of rejection. There's no reason to feel disappointed if it's not deeper than that. If I obsess over playing powerful characters maybe I feel powerless.
My fears being simple doesn't mean I'M simple.

Genuinely insulted that go*gle's ad bots think I'm an appropriate target for red-pill style "ignore what the actual accredited journalists are saying, take a look at this truth-syrup I whipped up in a still in my basement" garbage sites.

I've gotten so used to the meme format of
[Name]: Dialogue
as a way to set a scene, like a play, that when someone wrote,
Friends: [Advice not to do a shitty thing people do sometimes]
I thought for a while that he was describing a scene with his friends holding, like, an intervention.

We all talk about how silly it is for people in stories to live places named Cauldron of Blood or Dragon Mountain or whatever without commenting or moving away but...
It is in reality literally no big deal to live in Death Valley. It's just a place. Same with Dagger Peak. Blood Mountain. The Abyss (a trail in Canada).
Bumpus Hell is a LITTLE dangerous (it's a spot with sulfur pits in Lassen National Park) but you know why immediately when you're there so it's not like it goes uncommented anyway.

I've had a good day. Worked, did self care, played, all those important things. I did six rows of crochet! Alys is almost done!
Let's try for good day #2 (and the completion of Alys Brangwin) tomorrow!

@Kitts There's a youtuber named Northernlion, and I want you to know that it is entirely your fault that I keep reading it as Northernloin.

Robot Child: What is my purpose, Creator?
Me: I do not decide that. You decide that.
Robot Child: Did your Creator do the same for you?
Me: I like to think so.

Watching some Cardcaptor Sakura and
1) The first thing that stands out is how out-and-out GOOD it is. Music choice, characterization, cinematography, writing, background art, character design...The pieces aren't just good individually - They're also integrated Really Well.
2) I'd forgotten how Super Duper Gay it is. Like..the list of main cast members who are not gay or bi is shorter than the list of those who are? I kinda love it.

I'm not generally one to take pictures of food, but I was really proud of today's breakfast.

Been having this odd burning sensation on my left thigh and/or right shoulder now and then.
Just found out that an actual burn doesn't automatically mean redness on the skin. So...the "burning sensation" is...burns. I'm getting them when I set the shower too hot and then step into it and/or reach through it to turn it off.
There's a weird mix of pride and embarrassment when I solve a mystery of this kind. Like, "I solved a puzzle! But why did it take this long?"

One of the crazy things I've noticed about my webcomic reading habits is how it's skewed my view of "normal" comic length.
I saw Aphrodite IX on Webtoons and it felt SUPER short, at 33 "pages."
But, like...each webtoon page is at LEAST half the length of an entire comic book you'd get at the comic shop, if not the full length.
Physically this thing would be an omnibus.
But I'm used to decades-long epics.

The nori is tasty, and rather than a side of soy sauce (which I'm getting enough of in the rice) I can soften it if necessary using the miso soup.
The mandolin has a spike-set that is tiny! This means the daikon can be wee shredded noodles instead of big chonkin' noodles. Probably better? Guess we'll find out!
The egg I put on the leftover rice is hard to get cooked, because the rice is cold to start and just being reheated. I think lower & slower will do it, assuming I have time.

Programming: I have designed a game with units on a board you use cards to move around. The cards cost time, and whoever's spent the least time is the unit whose turn it is.
It's made up of a ton of little parts that aren't terribly complicated on their own. So far I have the initiative bar working, and the integration between that and display of the units (so only the current unit shows in the corner) and also I can register cards and they have proper drag-and-drop functionality.
Getting there!

Food: I've changed my breakfast to this complicated and Really Swank traditional Japanese breakfast with homemade pickled daikon salad and grilled salmon and soy-infused rice and nori and miso soup.
It takes probably an extra fifteen minutes to set up. Previously I was eating two cookies and a banana chopped up into cottage cheese? Which was getting less appetizing as the weather continues to cool.
Hopefully the time cost will continue to feel worthwhile.

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