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Wow, I'm super tired after my first day of work orientation. Early night, I hope.

So, I'm going to start a new job. I'm going to be teaching French and English at a private school across the bay from me, part-time. Orientation is tomorrow. I'm kind of excited and also nervous. But I love language, and I love young people, so I'm keeping good thoughts.

I'm excited - I sold a novella to Clarkesworld! It's called "The Persistence of Blood," and it has politics and prejudice and sex and death and I can't wait for you to read it. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped me in the writing process, and to Neil Clarke for believing in this story.

Here is the direct link to today's Dive into Worldbuilding. Our topic is Social Norms of Contagion. Join us!

"In [C17th], English laws concerning inheritance sometimes referred to people who didn’t fit a gender binary using the pronoun it, which, while dehumanizing, was conceived of as being the most grammatically fit answer to gendered pronouns around then."

Ment of "gender-reveal parties" but not in the way you'd expect and an overall positive post 

Found this gem in my Facebook history:
"I vote we repurpose the term gender reveal party to be a party where a trans or nonbinary person has just come out publicly so their friends have a party with them to celebrate, and depending on case-by-case maybe give them gifts like new wardrobe stuff if they're changing how they present cause aint nobody got money for a whole new look at once." ~ @Keltoi

If you like poetry and/or fantasy, please consider backing or boosting this Kickstarter anthology edited by Aidan Doyle, Rachael K Jones, and E. Catherine Tobler.

Lots of great authors already in the table of contents! Alex Acks, Merc Rustad, Tony Pi, Cassandra Khaw... Go check it out, or boost if you're unable to back it!

Last week we tooted proposing , a version of for mastodon.

We're currently developing the idea and thinking mid-January, which would give authors time to finish and edit their masterpieces. (At least in theory, we know how NaNo can be. 😜 )

If you're interested in a day for authors to toot pitches for their novels and hopefully catch the attention of an agent and/or publisher, please favorite or boost this toot.

We went climbing at the gym tonight. I'm working on clinging to slopers. It will help me get past 5.10d into 5.11a.

A collection of things I made for people new to #Mastodon, based on questions I commonly see in the public timelines during influxes of new folks. :)

What the heck with these privacy settings?

Local vs. federated timelines?

A two-way Mastodon-Twitter crossposter? @crossposter

How to interact with a toot that you somehow find outside of the Mastodon web UI:

#FAQ #FAQs #mastopedia #mastoclass #tootorial #meta

Friday: Manila Noir, a set of English-language (not translated, in English as spoken in the Philippines!) short stories set in Metro Manila. Gorgeous, atmospheric, including a really neat story because of the tradition of Philippine horror comics!
I picked it up from Mysterious Bookstore, an all-mystery bookstore here in NYC.

@iks Feel free to block the federation bot. Honestly they're kind of weird little buggers, but the upshot as I understand it is that if you aren't followed on an instance, your public posts won't show up in their timeline.

(because it's a question I see a lot from new users)

1) Right-click on the timestamp to copy the toot's URL or open it in a new tab.

2) Paste the URL of the toot into the search bar in the Mastodon web UI, then press enter.

3) The toot will appear in the search results and you can boost or reply from there.

#mastodon #meta #mastoclass #mastopedia #tootorial

I saw with my parents and brother last night (all of us over 40), and reactions ranged from "cute" (my brother) to "loved it" (me), but the best part by far was hearing the crowd of 80+% upstate NY anglo children applaud enthusiastically at the end.

You know what ? You rock ! You truly are wonderful ! Please take care of yourself, take the time you need for the things you need, you are _great_ !

I think that if Mastodon didn't have its instance/federation system but was all one thing run by someone with a commitment to preventing harassment, it'd eclipse Twitter in 18 months.

Canadian tooters: please have a look. needs protection in our own land as well. You can bet your lunch Bell, Rogers, etc are just salivating over the idea of a repeal in the US. COMMENT PLEASE - it takes seconds.

Happy /#ff!

It’s also Friday or Friday here in the Shop.

Who should we follow? What’re you reading? How’s your Friday, in general?

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