We've officially joined the Mastodon union. So who are we?

We're a #sciencefiction and #fantasy podcast run by a team of nerds. We have interviews, discussions on sf/f things, a #StarWars podcast, drunken reviews of bad movies, commentary, and much more!

You better believe we're lovers of #movies #books #comics #videogames #roleplayingames etc!

We're at skiffyandfanty.com!

You can find some of our hosts here: @Princejvstin @katsudonburi @shaunduke @KateSherrod @MichaelRUnderwood & more!

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Wandering Shop

The Wandering Shop is a Mastodon instance initially geared for the science fiction and fantasy community but open to anyone. We want our 'local' timeline to have the feel of a coffee shop at a good convention: tables full of friendly conversation on a wide variety of topics. We welcome everyone who wants to participate, so long as you're willing to abide by our code of conduct.