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Hi Shop,

We're moved into the new house! There's still lots to do, but we're in. Let the unpacking and cleaning of the old place, begin!

Um. My wife has been on the phone with a shepherd for far too long. I would not be surprised to to find that we're having a flock delivered this weekend.

Note that we're not actually moving into the house until Tuesday, and we hadn't planned on animals before spring, so this is a slight exaggeration. I hope.

Just introduced Tadpole to the concept of technobabble :)
We are still enjoying Voyager, btw

Hi Shop! I made a new podcast episode!
Charles Payseur recommended some short fiction, and I talked to Rion Amilcar Scott about his collection, which was really good. I feel like "interview a bunch of authors from Long Hidden" is a good podcast goal :)

Also we are moving this weekend, so stress and busyness piles up, along with boxes.

Grateful! For excuses to look at pictures of a baby lion frolicking in leaves. The world needs more delight like this.

Oh, hey. This (the Sept/Oct issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) came in the mail today. Somewhat surreal to see my books on the opposite page from Seanan's.

(Also, this is a really lovely review. I am extremely grateful for the kind words.)

Strange Horizons is doing their fund drive. I highly recommend reading & maybe supporting them.

Today I Learned that The Onion fact checks It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders: Inside ‘The Onion’

An interesting bit of (or, well, academia) on the intersection of gender and land/space in nineteenth century literary fandoms that I'm sure some of you will enjoy...

I did a chat at Nerds-Feather today. I joked on twitter that I'm bravely stepping into the breach to make sure The Discourse has enough white dudes opining, which I think is mostly true. But I did appreciate the chance to point out that lots of SFF fans assume that we're one community trying to read the same books but we actually have lots of different origin stories & overlapping (sometimes contradictory) interests.

Hi Shop, the whole "don't look at the sun" thing is real. I was glancing up to orient myself this afternoon & got sparkles & a headache for a couple hours. The eclipse was pretty impressive, though.

I've been reading biographical sketches of early Quakers alternating with Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars series and enjoying both.

Also my parents are visiting for a week, which is nice. Sprout starts a new preschool this week, Tadpole next week. Hopefully new house this weekend.

An update: our Meeting got a letter in the local paper. It's not precisely what I would have written, but I'm happy with the statement and especially happy with the process we used to come to the statement. I'm still trying to figure out this Quaker thing, and this was a good learning moment.

Hi Shop, we're making progress on the house!
Painted wall, kitchen floor with 3 areas: protect by table, 15 years of people & dogs walking on it & sanded down waiting to be refinished.
This weekend I move boxes, next weekend we move in!!!

Hi Shop,

The stars out in rural nowheresville New Hampshire are amazing at night!

Related: I am used to neighbors, and I'm definitely noticing that I have a level of tension and anxiety when we're out at the new house. I'm assuming that'll go down as we get more used to the space and sounds and things.

Hi Shop, I stumbled on this recording of the Harlem
Boys Choir doing Lift Every Voice and Sing and it is absolutely beautiful ...

My Meeting (which is primarily well-meaning white folks of an older generation, including I think one guy who helped coordinate the March on Washington, I think as a federal bureaucrat, and I really need to get his story sometime soon) is working through how to respond to white supremacy. And Shop, this is a sometimes hard and sometimes wonderful learning experience in an entirely new way of approaching decisions and sharing of ideas. I am feeling challenged and grateful.

Hi Shop, we closed out the evening with an interfaith vigil at the Capitol, and I'd forgotten how inspiring a good mix of songs and inspired preaching can be. The hour was probably a bit too long for Tadpole, but she made it without any major disasters. Tomorrow, we buy a house. I've been informed there are blackberries.

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