@Jsuttonmorse Unpacking the books is just the loveliest part of a move, isn't it?

@star it really is! I haven't done much in the way of organizing yet, but it's still delightful!

@Jsuttonmorse I just moved as well, so the feeling is fresh in my memory! Of course, when I hit the point where I should organise them, I realised I'd prefer to get back to music and writing instead. The shelves now sulk at me...Oh, the woes of being a reader *and* a writer! Heh

@Jsuttonmorse lovely!! have you got an organisational system going?

@islandoforder at the moment, just dumping things on a shelf. Vaguely Nonfiction to the right, SFF on the left, and books I want to keep track of on a particular shelf.
I am considering making the little shelf over the door "men write too much" for giant series like Malayan, Amber, and Wheel of Time.

Then the perennial jouful organizing questions! Will I mix Fiction and non? Order by author, date, or theme?

@islandoforder I'm considering something like chronological by publication date (all series go up together with the first book), regardless of genre, but I think it's more likely that I'll organize by topic. We can do Byzantine history, epic poetry (and associated criticism), SFF Anthologies, and few other categories pretty well and catch *most* of the books.

@Jsuttonmorse I mean you could do chronologically within topic? we have a rough genre division, but then every time I want to reorganise within that I'm shouted down (it's too late for better organisation now, it's a learned system of what goes where)

@Jsuttonmorse oh! you get to have a misc. section! the most intriguing section of any bookshop!

@Jsuttonmorse little shelves over doors are normally tricky, but that seems like an elegant solution...

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