She seems better, and there will be vets we can contact during the week, so that is maybe good, I hope

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Hi Shop, I think one of our goats has indigestion. Hopefully we can get her better soon.

Kinda boggled that New England Friends (Quakers) just held their 357th Yearly Meeting

... and the fact that her interests (magic, sitting in peace) are somewhat orthogonal to the court she's been made a part of. In some ways, an obstacle is simply that she doesn't want to participate in the world the way it wants her to.

I'm trying to think of other examples (esp in epic fantasy) that constrain the main character this way. Thoughts?

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Hi Shop, there's a scene early in book 3 of Crown of Stars where Liath just wishes for peace and the space to pursue her own interests.
Obviously lots of adventurers in fantasy have similar thoughts, but many are trapped by prophecy, or oowerful objects like The Ring, or their duty/status (it is so hard to be a prince! If only I could be a humble freeholder).
Liars is trapped by the interest of a powerful predatory man, the duties of the only position she can find to protect herself from him...

Hi Shop, I'm not done with Winged Histories yet, but if I was making a list of best SFF books of 2017, it would be there, along with Underground Railroad and Central Station.
Samatar is so good at capturing her character's voices. There are so few identifiers of who's talking, and the POV swaps mid-scene sometimes. It's occasionally confusing, but absolutely delicious and also heartbreakingly beautiful.

As I dig into The Winged Histories, I had some quick thoughts about how it was the right book for my mood.

Sorry for the double-post.

I suspect a new edition of the papers of an early Quaker figure would focus on Fox's wife Margaret Fell, though I believe she's actually been well-respected within the Society of Friends and has multiple editions of her writing available as well.

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Hi Shop, I'm reading an autobiography of George Fox (who founded the Quakers), and it's fascinating to read why the editor claims it'a worthy of interest.
I suspect once upon a time the claim would have been based on the sincerity or supposed truth of beliefs. This mid-20th-C editor draws attention to "the psychology of the religious" and also it's historical merit, since Fox wandered all around England and met quite a cast of characters (and prisons)

Hi Shop,

I've started Sofia Samatar's The Winged Histories, which I acquired soon before our move & then packed away. It's so nice to have more books than I could read at once available once again.

Snapshot of my life via books ... :)
(Winged Histories, Neruda's poems, Care & Feeding of Chickens, Roberts' History of SF, and "Barbershops, Bibles, and BET")

Hi Shop, took the girls canoeing with our Meeting today. Also found Sofia Samatar's Winged Histories while unpacking, so that's my reading sorted :)

We're rediscovering kids books that were packed away, and I remain delighted by the line "Harold made land without much trouble"...

Hi Shop. Today 6-year-old told the 3-year-old to call someone a crybaby if they're being mean because it'll make them be quiet and run away.
Says she knows because someone did that to her.

So, um, we have a lot to work on ...

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