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Is there a way to do threads here like on the bird app? Not a deal breaker, but for long threads it would save me C&P.

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Trans healthcare gatekeeping 

As I try to figure out how to even start jumping through the hoops to access medical transition, I would really like to know where all the doctors are that transphobes say are forcing transition on people, or whatever they’re claiming this week.

I know it's not entirely a coincidence. A number of Western psychologists & other mental health practitioners have embraced concepts rooted in Buddhism over the last 50 years. It was just a bit startling to see such a clear alignment.

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Here's the rest of the photo. The bottom half reads

"The teaching of the Four Noble Truths forms the core of all Buddhist paths, schools, and traditions. The essence of the (Truths) is to address and embrace the truth of human suffering."

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I was looking through my photos archive & found this image. It reads

"Embrace the instance of suffering.
Let go of the reactive pattern.
See the stopping of the reactivity.
Act skillfully."

I legit thought it was a photo of a page from one of my Dialectical Behavioral Therapy books, then I scrolled down & saw the rest of it (next toot)

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I think my favourite thing about right now is that I can check in every day and be done in 5 minutes. It's a much healthier balance for me.

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Our apartment has an air conditioning unit mounted through an external facing wall in the living room. It makes our place livable in the hot, humid, unbearable parts of the summer.

However the air circulation in our place is not terrific.

I'm wondering whether I can justify installing a small portable unit or a mini-split in the guest room that now serves as my permanent work-from-home office. Has anyone done this? Terrible idea or worthwhile?

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Let's say I do a Google search taking the following measures:

1. I never sign into my Google account
2. I block or refuse cookies (in browser settings), including tracking scripts. This is reinforce with UBlock and privacy badge
3. I keep each search in its own private session (so no cross-tab tracking).
4. Use VPN

Is this enough to prevent Google from profiling me and figuring out I'm the same dude who's Googling from the office? How So?

#google #privacy #search #cookies

@valhalla @ZiGraves ahh, someone replied to my pinned toot on my profile and I answered there with a few tips for getting started with the craft. Here are some photos of bands I wove back when I was an active cardweaver.

Was thinking about how silly it would be to say that a cat or a dog was a failure. We could say that a cat failed to catch a bird, or a dog to catch a rabbit, but the cat is still perfectly successful being a cat.

Why are we so much harder on each other, on our kids, our friends?

Why are we so much harder on ourselves?

The cats got their mom a bouquet of fresh flowers. They got greenies in return, so it was worth the investment!

Writing a few posts about tablet weaving made me want to break out the loom. I haven't, but I did have the urge!

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Hey there, #blind people in my TL. What's a good accessible way to do end-to-end encrypted text chat, preferably with off-the-record support? Windows desktop application preferred, web if it's really really good #a11y.

Fighting the urge to get an old laptop to run Linux on.

I. Do. Not. Need. Another. Computer.

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masto/fedi advice for artists 

one thing that is different here than commercial places you might be used to is that metrics doesn't matter. interactions do.

boost other people's work (or reply to them) engage in meaningful conversations.

the less you treat this place as a broadcast medium and more as a communication platform, the more you will enjoy the fediverse.

hope this helps

#fediTips #mastodon #pixelfed

Are any of my mutuals (clearly not 'peeps' on Masto, what are we?) using XMPP to communicate?

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From birdsite 

The job hunt continues. I'm expanding my scope to written content of various kinds. I am a fast, smart writer who genuinely enjoys research. I have a great deal of experience in taking complex topics and making them accessible for a wide audience.
RT @didic
Friends, I am looking for work opportunities. I do words: Translation (Eng->Heb), writing (Eng and Heb), and editing (both languages, with a specialty in translation editing.)

I've t…

This thread by Cory Doctorow on how bad people can track your repro-care activities makes me want to buy a burner phone & go offline. And I don't even use repro care.

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