The people who created the four seasons of Westworld may as well have magically scanned my brain to find the perfect TV series for me.


@abetterjulie that was my experience with those flying rings. The ones that are like a frisbee but with no center? Those things are practically designed to get hung up on trees; far, far up in trees.

@carcinopithecus @abetterjulie

In my case, my older sister is famous for an incident where she knocked me out with a baseball bat when I was three. Theoretically this was an accident but...

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can't find it anymore, but i remember somebody making a list of real schematics for the smallest number of machines required to bootstrap technologically from nothing. would love to be able to find it again

Mental health 


This is why I loved autumn in New England. Ineffable sadness.

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Lizard, eye contact 

Our yard lizards seem to enjoy perambulating on our railing. I think I'll use this one as a drawing prompt to practice perspective.

One of the many reasons I've grown to hate gamification: Absurd encouragement prompts. I just got an email from a language app I downloaded a week ago & used twice. "You’ve really stepped up – and with another push this week, you can easily hit your week’s target!"

Well, it helped me remember the app exists, so there's that.

Mental health 


I'm really glad, Dave!

Mental health 


Kind of an emotional vaccine! I like this idea.

Mental health 

@Johannab not-fighting is a _very_ valid, legit reaction! thanks for reminding me

Mental health 

I know I'm in a depressive/anxious funk right now, and I know I should take steps to get out of it, but I also feel an urge to wallow in it. Apparently I have some need to feel awful sometimes?

Kid Chores 


<insert GIF from Aliens movie>

'I say we take off & nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.'

More introductory material:

- I'm part of the LGBTQA+ rainbow.
- I'm emphatically pro-choice & feminist.
- I grew up in New England & want to move back after I retire (if a move to the Azores doesn't work out). I've been living in the southeastern USA since 1998, but it has never felt like home.
- I've worked on the web for 24 years, but before that I worked in construction, warehouses, & print shops, & spent 6 years teaching work skills in a sheltered workshop.

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Dream anxiety / imaginary physical mutilation 

One of the horrid details of my dream about the stolen phone is that the robbers amputated my forefinger so that they could unlock the phone after they stole it. So, I was wandering this nightmare city in physical agony & fear of being maimed, as well as fear of being impoverished.

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Commiserating on anxiety dreams (with current tech problems featuring) 


Thank you. My anxiety level has been very much elevated due to a combination of work stress, US politics, financial planning (we're thinking of moving out of the US for finance & cultural reasons), & general worry about age. (for any young people who stumble on this thread: getting old sucks).

I had another nightmare last night. This time, I had my phone stolen, & because my phone holds my two factor authentication tools, the thieves were able to empty my accounts, run up huge charges on my cards, & steal my identity. It was awful.

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