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And yeah, I know about how strong pattern recognition is in humans. I'm certain to be filtering out things that don't fit, like being laid off in 2001 (but I got another job within 2 weeks).

I have this odd pattern in my life:

1978: Join Navy, almost die of pneumonia.

1988: Get married, lose job.

1998: Quit one job, get far better job at bank with 57% raise.

2008: Get dream job with different department, nice raise.

See a pattern? Most of the biggest things in my life happen 10 years apart. Getting cancer only exception, 1995.

I'm not really superstitious, but I sometimes wonder about 2018.

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A useful term for social media:

ultracrepidarian, n. Someone who gives advice and opinions on topics beyond their knowledge.

When I was a teen, I started wondering why the hero always lived to the end of the adventure. Then it dawned on me that the story wouldn't last very long if the hero died half way through.

Unrelated factoid: George RR Martin started being published AFTER I was a teen.

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unsung heroes of early programming: the many women who, as factory weavers, assembled programs on rope memory.

interviewers expect us to implement linked lists on whiteboards because they are fundamental, but not weave or knit programs??? idgi.

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I'm so dysfunctional around money that I'm over a year late billing the lace guild for their site hosting fees. If I ever tried to have a business it would doubtless fail because I would never remember to bill the clients. Or I would under-charge them for the work. Or send them to a different vendor.

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Lifted my keyboard up to get up and this teeny baby mantis was on my leg! :o

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That head bumping thing cats do when you hold your hand out to them.

Boost if you agree.

It's absurdly difficult to get grapefruit juice and cranberry juice that is simply juice, and not tons of sugar & grape juice mixed in.

We've been watching a TV series from Britain called The Midsomer Murders, and one thing keeps driving us up the wall: the detectives just walk right into peoples' houses and everyone seems to accept it. Are cops not required to have warrants in England, or do the series creators just have rocks in their heads?

my new, sturdy glasses for aikido, motorcycling, outdoors stuff.

Can someone with more experience on Mastodon remind me how our username/handles are formatted? I can never remember. When I want to tell new users how to find me, is it @Jorah ? That doesn't look right, but I can't remember.

Perennially accurate. "The real story here is the smoke alarm."

I'm for-real limiting my time on birdsite for the next week or so. The Florida news is suffusing my feed there and i can't deal right now. Need to take care of myself, study, do some aikido, clean my wreck of a house, maybe exercise. Maybe go for a hike! That would be awesome.

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Words in the English language we borrowed from the Incas and their Quechua/runasimi language: puma, condor, guano, gaucho, jerky, potato, quinoa, vicuña, and coca.

#history #amreading #LastDaysoftheInca

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