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More introductory material:

- I'm part of the LGBTQA+ rainbow.
- I'm emphatically pro-choice & feminist.
- I grew up in New England & want to move back after I retire. I've been living in the southeastern USA since 1998, but it has never felt like home.
- I've worked on the web for 24 years, but before that I worked in construction, warehouses, & print shops, & spent 6 years teaching work skills in a sheltered workshop.

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I'm Jorah IRL as well as on many social sites.

I am a collector of hobbies, most of them in hibernation (kayak, geocache, blogging, card weaving, aikido, photography), some active (knitting), some new (drawing).

I manage SharePoint sites at work.

I lean left, politically.

I have a well-managed personality disorder (BPD) & 3 cats (not well-managed).

I ride a motorcycle every chance I get. I spend too much time on Twitter.

Happy to meet you if any of this sounds familiar.

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For those who missed it, please look at my cat Moon Rover in his new little denim vest. #cats

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Seems like the perception is that Mastodon is an inferior platform for creatives because it's less powerful as a promotional tool. But that risks reducing creative work to its commercial function. In many ways, Mastodon is better for discussing creative work.

Mulling over mental illness & trauma 

I read long threads by adult ADHD & autistic folk and sometimes think 'huh, I wonder if I have ADHD.' 'I wonder if I'm somewhere on the autism spectrum.' (even though I know I don't hit most of the criteria)

Then I recall that I have BPD and the problems I sometimes have with depression, executive function, etc. are quite clearly explained by & .

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All of our lives we've been told that quitting is a sign of weakness. I'm having none of that. I'm proud to be a quitter and I'm reclaiming it for myself. It takes strength of character to say, "No, fuck this and fuck you".

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would anyohne be down to do a little sketch for me, paid ;w; i am gonna make a thing for my Gf

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welcome to our café / bakery / infoshop, now with books! 🏴Ⓐ

specifically, anarchist literature with queer and jewish bents. if you publish a book, zine, or pamphet that we should stock, email us!

Discussion of alcohol use, addictive patterns 

I thought for years that I drank beer for the taste. Then I stopped drinking for 4 years. Recently, I found some high quality, tasty, alcohol-free 'near beer.'

It's boring.

I guess I was getting something out of the alcohol, after all.

Birdsite whining 

Birdsite whining: I have no problem with people reading horoscopes, nor w them getting automated horoscopes everyday via Twitter. But why share them with the rest of the world? It's like me sharing my daily fortune cookie; it's just silly. Maybe silly is the point? But I don't feel like it's that kind of whimsy.

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OK from now on seals are just called "chonk otters" sorry I don't make the rules.

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Thunder rumbled. He gazed out the window in frightened fixation. His was the only house around.

Lightning struck the tree outside. When the storm passed, he ran out to mourn what felt like an old friend.

Among the split and charred remains, a lump of ash stirred. A bright eye blinked at him blearily.

He cleared the ash and bore the twig-like creature inside. Rest, soup, and sunlight soon saw it better, but it seemed unhurried to leave and he was glad of the company.

#microfiction #TootFic

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Very glad today is a rest day, no calisthenics, no treadmill. I have a lot of ow. I'm having to come to terms with the fact that I cannot do the furniture lifting when we move, between hernia repair and arthritis. It's frustrating me, though, that I finally decide to do something about my physical condition only to run headlong into diminishing capacity. I also feel like I'm malingering, playing up a medical excuse to avoid work. That's probably the toxic masculinity talking.

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random thought: Unicorns are very clearly herd-animal-type ungulates, but usually depicted as solitary. They are also famously elusive and easy to lose track of despite being stark white. I propose that unicorns are herd animals, and the majority are not pure white; rather, albinism and leucicism occur in unicorns as in everything else, and only these unicorns ever get spotted because a properly camouflaged unicorn is even more impossible to spot and track.

Subtoot: if you are writing an email to your web administrator to ask for help on your website, it would be a really good idea if you include a link to the website and question.

I like motorcycling so much that I was thinking of riding my Yamaha to the next town over on Thursday, then I remembered that the reason I'm going there on Thursday is for an oil change.

To my CAR!

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Put up the last two skillet scrubbers on the shop this morning. I don't have the rings to build more even if I wanted to.

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Why do I keep making the mistake of checking the news?
😬 :binfire: :trashfire: :yikes:

Starting to think that 'fleeing to Canada' may be a real thing we'll need to do some day. I wonder if I could get a bank account in Canada & start putting a bit away each payday.

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