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I have news! I got a job offer from another department at work. It looks like I have a new role to start after the new year! :awesome:

I decided that was entirely too annoying, so I took down all of my content and I'm going to be posting stuff over the next week. (Hence the two items I've posted already). I like having my stuff on my own site.

I wrote an answer to the question "How do you come to terms with the fact that you’re just ordinary?"

I wrote an answer to the question "What is the hardest truth you had to accept?"

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Did you know that sea otters have the densest fur of any mammal? With over 1 million strands of fur per sq. in. they do not need blubber to stay warm like other marine mammals. Instead they have a combination of outer waterproof guard hairs, and an inner fluffy insulating layer!

You've probably seen pictures of a pair of otters holding hands while they sleep. Groups of otters like that are called rafts and hold 10-100 individuals at once. The biggest group recorded was 2000 of um!

I was hardly able to train for 2+ weeks because of a persistent head cold. I'm glad to be back on the mat.

From birdsite: @sadkxit

"Just a PSA that bisexuals in committed monogamous relationships have not chosen 'a side' they have chosen a person."

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Okay, all. I've added Tusky back to my phone. i guess I'm back in the land of the living again.

Rats. I've been so busy this fall, I forgot all about Mastodon.

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Reminder: Be very careful with quizzes that measure your "political spectrum" or some other variation that determines preferences, proclivities etc... based on a set of arbitrary and rudimentary questions

Unless you're blocking all trackers, or better yet on Tor, you've just given ad companies yet another set of data points to target you

Worse, you've given authorities, which will inevitably tap that data, ready access to information that's illegal to put on any census

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EVERYBODY! When my baby bunny drinks milk she does this cute thing with her little paw. It's important that you know this.

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Hi there. Looking for an alternative now that the API of that other site is going to be effectively destroyed. I'm a blind user and need accessibility, and would find a desktop client (possibly terminal) more usable than the website. Recommendations appreciated. #introductions

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