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Hi there. Looking for an alternative now that the API of that other site is going to be effectively destroyed. I'm a blind user and need accessibility, and would find a desktop client (possibly terminal) more usable than the website. Recommendations appreciated. #introductions

The roses are doing so well this year.

must... control... the tail...

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Life closes a door,
smash the window in. Tell life
I’ll come and go as I want.
Tell life I have more bricks where
that came from, I’m not afraid
of things breaking, what I am saying
is that I am used to breaking and
you don’t scare me, I refuse
to sit in this house, waiting
for a door to open. Like a cat
I’ll shred the sofa and climb the
walls. I’ll ruin this house
and sleep on the balcony
under the stars.

#poetry #corvusrobotica #mastoart

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Celtic Owl

Wooden sphere carved with a burning tool & painted with acrylics.

Hope you like it! 😊

#art #myart #mastoart #wood

it's hard to focus on metrics reporting when you feel like a war is about to break out.

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More vintage bug gloves! Mesh net with lace spiderweb gauntlets, and cute puffy little spiders. I wish there was more online about these, this image is from Pinterest from an expired eBay listing. I'm willing to bet they're 1940s if they're vintage, or made in Russia more recently if they're not. I wonder if there's a pattern somewhere for them. #crochet #vintage

This is one way to avoid spending too much time on the computer today.

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There is a cat curled up on my ankles. This is a good thing, and I wish you all things that make you so happy.

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did some knitting today for the first time in at least 2 years. only thing I had on the needles was not the easiest, but I figured it out.

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@dzuk the hubris of thinking you actually know css

[successfully resist mansplaining something on social media]

[unsuccessful in resisting boasting about resisting]

[kinda hates self]

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When you are having a perfectly nice date night on the cable box and your human has to come along and make it weird. #cats

We bought a used car a few weeks ago. I brought the owners manuals in to review, and they've since vanished. I mean, the house is a mess, but these are good size books, not pamphlets that could easily hide in a pile of papers or something.

And yeah, I know about how strong pattern recognition is in humans. I'm certain to be filtering out things that don't fit, like being laid off in 2001 (but I got another job within 2 weeks).