Decided to boil a kettle while making phone calls so I could have a soundtrack to my rising discomfort.

This morning's writing work - figuring out how much I want to write about Dryad's making drugs. Got to do something, right?

Today's earworm, "False Idols" by Abhoria (which was named after one of my books, thereby finally making me the change I wanted to see in the world).

Today's earworm: "Pandora" by Fit For An Autopsy. Also, a contender for the most metal lyric of 2022 - "Too many graves. Not enough shovels." 🤘

Someone at work just shared 8-bit Master of Puppets and now I must propagate the signal.

Well this morning's writing has involved enough research into opium production to get me onto some list or another, I'm sure.

Well, work's dead so it looks like I'm going to be novel editing and listening to As I Lay Dying for the next hour.

It appears that I have neglected to do an introductory post. I'm Jon. I'm a writer. I write things. I hate promoting them on social media and probably won't do it much. Instead I'll mostly obsess over metal, Nicolas Cage, and Bioware games.

Still good to see we're using an entirely unnecessary volume of shaky cam to obscure everything, though. It wouldn't be metal if it didn't feel vaguely like the onset of a stroke.

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I'm not sure how I feel about the new trend in metal videos of filming the band playing in front of a giant TV/projection. Call me a traditionalist, but metal videos should be poorly shot in abandoned warehouses.

Well, I'm new here, so I might as kick things off by just trying to flood the place with Nicolas Cage stuff.

@pauljessup That's a nice Thanksgiving you've got over there.

*Strokes drumstick threateningly*

Be a shame if something happened to it.

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