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If you want to move your Mastodon account from one server to another, you can keep your follows and followers if you complete all the steps in this guide:

By the way, don't delete your old account after the move, because it will redirect people to your new account and keep your old posts in existence. Your old posts will still have your old account's name, but when people click on them they'll see a message directing them to the new account.

#Mastodon #Accounts #AccountMigration

It’s kind of sad watching chunks of Fedi having to relearn lessons from the 90’s like “running a community website is hard, and the ‘community’ part is harder than the ‘website’ part”

And “any entitled, demanding users in the community will tend to rapidly push the people donating their time and money to run the site to just pack up and quit”

Maybe don’t be a dick to your instance admins and mods — when it’s not worth it to run a community as a volunteer, corps end up doing it for profit, and we’ve already seen how that pans out

Out in the woods, island in a lake, staring at the Milky Way. Time was I could count meteors per hour in double digits… and the odd satellite.
So many satellites now. Handful of meteorites. Except I just realized some of the “meteorites” are a blink, not a streak… also satellites, just reflecting a flash and otherwise too dim.

Hey shop friends... we got some nonsense that's been bugging us from over on Not exactly bots, I don't think, but fake accounts just trying to chat us up, you can usually spot them, profile is some middle-aged white guy including his religion and US military cred and that shit in his bio, post is some skeevy "want to find friends" kind of text.

Please block and report to the HOST instance. I am blocking them from the 'shop but I cannot do more, the big instance must.

Random bloodwork from one doctor has been copied to other referring doctors and now there are a lot of doctors on the phone today.. 😝

Fortunately (?) it seems the main concern is my vit D is still too damn low.


so my kid came home from camp with some "flu-ish" symptoms that have persisted.

-ve Covid tests daily for almost a week.

covered in bug bites, tho'.

Chance of adding a West Nile box to pandemic bingo card? Not zero.

Like no exaggeration, this may make the difference between going back to office work someday vs. quitting my job cuz I can't handle the sensory environment.

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Okay, I know I come off like an Apple corporate drone/shill buuuuuttt....

Holy shit I just got Airpods Pro and my head imploded into a black hole before I even paired the things.

THIS is what FUNCTIONING noise cancellation does!?!?!?! OMG.

Residential School, religion 

The Pope does not understand this event is not a visit to "Canada". He should not be wearing regalia of honour. He should not be here officiating mass or inviting people into *his* prayer. He belongs face-down on the blood-soaked dirt of Turtle Island. Begging for forgiveness with no expectation that he should ever get it. The Church should be dismantled and bankrupted to pay reparations.

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Residential School, religion 

I cannot help but contrast this with PM Jacinda Ardern's apology to Pacific Islander communities for the Dawn Raids. Yes, she was let off easy also, in traditional terms, but read here about Ifoga (Samoan tradition). . As head of a colonizer state, she entered the ceremony of those wronged, on their terms, with humility, understanding a vital part of the ceremony was that she was not necessarily owed or to be granted forgiveness.

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Residential School, religion 

It's not for me, a settler, to determine WHAT is acceptable or not to each, any, or all of the Indigenous nations, but watching this all be carried out as if to the honour of some high guest is just... ick.

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Residential School, religion 

I am struggling to articulate the many ways the Pope’s narcissistic, colonizer performatism is utterly grossing me out.

He’s personally a sad, ignorant old white man who has no idea what he’s doing here.

I feel like the Vatican should have been able to manage better handling.

Mmmmm-Kay, busy-brain. Past bedtime. Off ya fuck now, please.

Hey there new people!

If you've just joined here, you may be wondering if you need to sign up on multiple servers?

The short answer is no! One account on one server is enough 👍

Longer answer:

The servers on here talk to each other through a process called "Federation".

This might sound complicated and technical, but it's really not. You already use federated networks every day, and so does pretty much everyone in the world, even your grandparents.

When you phone someone, you don't need to be on the same provider or even in the same country, because the world's phone networks are connected together through federation.

When you email someone, you don't need to be on the same email provider, because the world's email providers are federated together.

Servers on Mastodon and the Fediverse are federated together in the same way phones or email are. One account on one server lets you seamlessly interact with people on other servers.

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips

If I can detach objectively it's kinda cool though. 3/4 laparascopy scars and my c-section clearly pucker inward and "stick" to the fascia or muscle underneath. The one that didn't hurt is flat and smooth, and there IS a "button" I can feel on a deeper layer but it's offset from the surface scar.

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Was just a funny thing to notice, and another data point that reinforces the chronic core pain I have is at least partly due to scarring. Still no great plan for relief, mostly - I'm going to be a physio frequent flyer until I die.

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Just came to an interesting realization this week after a deep-tissue physio assessment. Therapist poked a lot of "common trigger points" in upper and lower abdomen, and legs. They LIT UP.

I have "suspected" scarring adhesions from past guts surgeries and c-section. Many of my surficial scars are tied to lower structures.

The ONE trigger point that wasn't painful? Was basically the single laparascopy scar that's mobile. The one I can actually feel where skin is separate from fascia under it.

If you have an account on a less strictly moderated server and are willing to endure a knob or two in your mentions, take a moment every now and then to post something to the effect of "hey, there are instances out there that protect their people from harassment and hate speech".

From March 2020 up until April 2021 I endured a crap ton of abuse on here bc simply I didn't know instances with decent, active moderation existed. You may really improve some folks' experience here. #feditips

ugh, twitter is sucking hard today. On top of the usual raging into the void, my TL keeps recycling a horrid picture from Ukraine.

I get that journalists have a role and a duty in reporting and photojournalism is critical but farking heck I appreaciate the CW options in mastodon.

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