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@Satsuma sorry I accidentally chatted then dropped you! Went offline or you did while@i was trying to get the chat kbd up.

Do people under 70 refer to an actual cat as a "pussy" in normal conversation nowadays?

Yay, sold the turnips at a 42% increase.

Then the damn game offered my hubs 44%. So it doesn't just follow one number for the island... different residents get slightly better/worse deals?

Ok I think I figured out all my network stuff and I’m going to go ask the Dodo to either open my gate or find me a friend. Anyone playing ACNH right now?

My current turnip price sucks, sorry.

Any animal crossing playing frens here who want to exchange codes? I need more islands to visit, keep missing the couple people I already have.

We have had Brasky, our elderly Francophone PTSD rescue, 10.5 months now. He remains more skittish than any other cat I’ve ever known. But slow steps are still happening, with time and anti-anxiety meds. Last night I caught him in the “bucket” of the cat tree for the first time, as he usually stays in the enclosed boxes. He didn’t bolt when I got closer, and stayed out for a photo.

Dreams last night were so strange and fluid. Obviously a huge amount of latent anxiety playing out... work interfering with my care of family, trying to function socially in an environment where I was an alien, desperate to care for family elders when absolutely no help or resources could be found, even though I could have paid for them. It just sloshed from one to the next to the next. Woke up tired.

Hey, shop and wanderers, how are ya? I’ve been on twit space cuz like it or not, that’s where the science news is, but it’s not healthy.

Chez Nous, a month of experimenting with starter has led to some good unleavened crackers, and finally today, a dough that rose. We’ve lost income through “cost saving reductions in benefits”, but not a huge amount, still have work. My kid has cut her own hair. I am wearing only 1 dress. Celebrated 10th wedding anniversary in lockdown, with decadent steak.

Neoliberal Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Give folks X amount a month
- Remove the social safety net (free healthcare, etc.) “because now there’s UBI”

Progressive Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Pay everyone a living wage
- Also keep the social safety net

Very different things.

Mac gurus... we are trying to get set up so my kiddo can call Grandparents via FaceTime. Both sets of g'parents have iPads. The situation is easily working with one. The other has been entered in her address book with their iCloud credentials, but the ability to call remains restricted and they also do not see iMessage entries though we can type those.

We've been googling and troubleshooting this for days, no luck. Other users can call the g'parents my kid can't. My kid can call others. halp.

Quarantine/isolation/self-distancing day who-the-fuck-can-even-count-now... Sink Zero achieved!

When a tortoise or turtle gets large enough, it'll often develop a lush island on it's shell.

An island prone to wandering off...

Due to this ambulatory nature, they're generally not populated by people.

But sometimes, if enough folks with enough skills and supplies find themselves lost on one of these, small communities can survive.

Though some leave as soon as they spot solid land.

But lately, people seem to be clamoring to stay.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

I use a housekeeping service that won't charge me if I cancel/postpone w/24 hours notice.

Being careful, I cancelled tomorrow's biweekly visit and the next.

I also told them to bill me. This mess is going to destroy lives more fragile than mine. I can still work at home and get my salary, me having 15 minutes more cleaning to do here and there isn't worth someone else getting food.

If you CAN do something similar, please think about it.

Me, exhausted: "Germany you can't just call everything with crushed tomatoes "ketchup"."

Germany, pointing at a jar of pasta sauce: "Noodle ketchup."

Covid-19, lighthearted 

Awake and trying to listen to a podcast. But my brain is engaged in following every possible permutation of this choose-your-own-adventure line of thinking on what could possibly go very very badly for me&mine in this mess. I keep having to restart the podcast cuz my listening is just shut off.

:blobcat3c: i have been thinking

i have seen other people do this, but i have a lot of followers for a fediverse account so i am going to do it too. i hope you do not mind

if you're a person who is making less money due to the virus going around, pls reply to this post! i have heard that a lot of people are having a hard time with money right now.

if you have money to spare, pls have a snif around in the replies. in tough times like this it's important for us all to help each other :blobcatheart: 💕 thank mew

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