It's December 6th and my brain is full. I dusted off my blog. It's not much and lots of people write more profound things about this day better than I do, but it's just some thoughts.

At this present moment, my VOIP phone software tells me someone is calling. It might or might not identify who. Then it shuts down when I answer.

I have premptively declared tomorrow will be a snow day where I can stay at home with the calls forwarded to my working home phone.

Usually I get in to work, open my agent software and tell it I'm at my desk so calls go to my desk.

As of yesterday sometime, we've been disconnected from the office lines. We were told (when we opened a ticket with IT to ask why our phones weren't working) to use our VOIP client on our laptops. Not great, since some of us are also waiting on laptop HW refresh because audio and mic don't work....

So work is upgrading our phone system this weekend. What they didn't tell us (us being... tech support) was that the "upgrade" involved "migrating all our profiles" over the course of this week, such that our current call-in system has been slowly disabled, one tech at a time, through this week.

So the transit system I've been totally cheerleading for through 5 years of construction mess all over my home because I live RIGHT NEXT TO A STATION is pretty much guaranteeing I am going to drive my short commute to work all winter long.

I lost my transit card. Did everything I should, blocked it online so I could get a new card and transfer the balance...

Have been unable to get a new card for 4 attempts at trying the last few weeks. Always something wrong with the vending/payment kiosk. At 3 different stations in an LRT system that went live last June.

Today, trying to call to sort out what to do, their phone system is out.

Online help says i have to go to the Customer Service centre. hour round-trip out of myway.

@baronnarcveldt hah. are you at my company?

"Which Steve?" is a twice-daily question here.

Wandering lost in yarnie Toronto. If I’m not out by 5, please air drop dinner supplies.


"Pronoia, your... well they SAY they're your parents, but--"

"Three of them?"


"Describe them."

"I... can't?"

"That's them."

The young woman snapped her briefcase shut and made her way down to the lobby.

The people there were giving three tall figures a wide berth. This was normal. Aside from not being able to define a binary gender for them, they gave the impression of having horns.

And claws.

And a primal danger.

#TootFic #FlashFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Some how these (relatively) warm but damp November days make me feel colder and older than a deep freeze day.

The corporate nonsense continues to shake out today. In the midst of the sad about losing colleagues of 17+ years, some of whom were 20+ years into this company... i get a chippy little auto message that "yay! your new laptop is on its way!"

If I weren't already home kinda sick today the dissonance would really give me a headache.

So. If a loss of 1 in 10 is decimated, when the corporate "rebalancing" takes out 1 in 6, are you heximated? Asking for a... team I know....

Our new one is being delivered rather suddenly sooner than we first thought, so Old Faithful here needs to vacate our parking spot.

I hate the dissonant mix of guilt and relief, but everyone left here now has received a meeting invite from our global director (bosses' boss' boss) who is at least an extremely professional German and would not have hit "send" until the dirty work was finished.


nasty round of beancounting-motivated layoffs at work this morning.

4 gone from my own team. 2 of them were the only two with more seniority than me, and the other two were high-priced professionals, so this was clearly aimed at making us look better for a buy-out.

But it's longer-term crippling for our technical expertise.

Other teams being blasted through as well. The only group we haven't heard from yet is actual R&D.

Vacation accomplishment: still scarred by throwing out five KG+ of decades-old herbs and spices a couple years back when cleaning out my dad’s house... so I konmari’d the spice jars/packets/heap we have.

If a middle aged white couple ever finds a need again for garam masala, pretty sure we can spend another toonie and don’t need to keep the stuff from 2008.

Ditto the onion and garlic powders that were so stale I couldn’t tell them apart.

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